E.L. Hatton Sales Hires Abbie Vaculik as a Part of the Ohio Export Internship Program

As part of the Ohio Export Internship Program, E.L. Hatton Sales recently hired Abbie Vaculik, a junior from Ohio State University as well as a member of the Fisher College of Business.

Wellington, OH, August 21, 2014 --(PR.com)-- The internship program is a cooperative effort between the Ohio State Fisher College of Business and the Ohio Development Services Agency to train students in international business fundamentals and the best practices on how to successfully participate in the summer international program.

Out of over 100 applicants, only 32 students were chosen to participate in this amazing opportunity. Likewise, E.L. Hatton Sales was chosen out of several Ohio businesses based on their desire to grow exports and their willingness to provide a positive and highly responsible environment for an entry-level university student. E.L. Hatton Sales and Abbie Vaculik were matched up because of their compatible ability to achieve a positive working relationship.

According to the E.L. Hatton Sales company president, “Our participation in the Ohio Export Intern Program was an unqualified smashing success. Our intern, Abbie Vaculik, came to us very well prepared, and made an immediate impact. As a result of this program our international efforts were greatly strengthened by the focus she brought to them. Another great benefit was the resources offered by the Ohio Development Services Agency which will help our company navigate the export waters with greater confidence and precision. Abbie has been hired on to continue the work begun during the internship.”

During the internship, Ms. Vaculik was trained to understand a wide range of E.L. Hatton’s business operations including, product knowledge, office systems, enterprise software, and logistics. One of Abbie’s major accomplishments while at E.L. Hatton Sales involved the planning and staffing of a trade show that highlighted the company’s line of Banner Ups banner finishing products, including PowerTabs, PowerTape, BravoTabs, and EdgeTabs.

After being tasked to follow up on leads from the tradeshow, Ms. Vaculik was able to successfully secure one new distributor in Puerto Rico and another in Japan. In addition, Abbie developed several other prospective relationships with distributors which may surface in the future and researched regions across Europe, Latin America, and Asia that are likely to provide long term dividends.Moreover, Ms. Vaculik also edited E.L. Hatton Sales’ international language pages at www.bannerup.com. Abbie was not only able to correct and update the German and French pages, but also added two new language editions to the site: Spanish and Portuguese.

For more information about this and other programs of the Ohio Development Services Agency, visit http://development.ohio.gov/. To learn about the various products offered from E.L. Hatton Sales, like PowerTabs, visit www.bannerups.com.
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