Banner Ups KederTape Wins SGIA Product of the Year for the Finishing – Laminates, Adhesives, Films, Coatings Category

Banner Ups (SGIA 2018 booth ) is proud to announce its Banner Ups KederTape has received the Specialty Graphic Imaging Association’s (SGIA) Product of the Year Award in the Finishing – Laminates, Adhesives, Films, Coatings category. “This was the best year for entries that I can... - September 07, 2017

Banner Ups Makes Sign History with 108 Mph Banner

The maker of Banner Ups, has made sign-making history by creating a banner that withstood winds up to 108 mph in research wind tunnel tests. The banner was constructed using the company’s Improved MegaTape product which will be launched April 1, 2017 and Banner Ups BravoTab adhesive banner tabs. - March 26, 2017

Banner Ups Selected as 2016 Product of the Year Winner at SGIA Expo Exclusive Award Honors Innovative Product Technology

The 2016 Specialty Graphic Imaging Association (SGIA) Expo brought together leaders of the specialty imaging industry this year in Las Vegas. In addition to a successful showcase, E. L. Hatton Sales Co. / Banner Ups, of Wellington, OH was recognized in the Association's prestigious Product of the Year Competition with the Product of the Year Award in the Finishing Equipment – Other category for its BravoBanner Automated Banner Finishing Machine. - September 25, 2016

Banner Ups Signs GPS Group Reps in USA and Canada

E. L. Hatton Sales Co., maker of the Banner Ups line of adhesive-based banner finishing products, announces that the GPS Group will be its authorized representatives in the U.S. and Canada. Established in 2009, GPS Group is a consortium of independent reps covering the continental U.S. and Canada. - August 06, 2016

Banner Ups Teams with Printlat as Exclusive Latin America Representatives

E. L. Hatton Sales Co., maker of the Banner Ups line of adhesive-based banner finishing products, announces that PrintLAT will be its exclusive authorized representative in Latin America, including Mexico, Puerto Rico, the Caribbean, Central and South America. Established in 2005, PrintLAT has... - July 08, 2016

Banner Ups Announces New Manufacturing Solution for Customized Grommet Alternatives

Banner Ups has recently expanded to offer new customized grommet alternatives with lightning fast production times. Most of the products on the market today are designed as a one-size-fits-all solution. While these products may provide a temporary fix, they commonly fail due to inferior craftsmanship. - February 13, 2016

Banner Ups New Banner Hangers Save the Environment and Money

Business owners are thinking and saving green with banner hangers from Banner Ups. Instead of tossing damaged signs in the trash, these products are the quick, cost effective, and a more environmentally conscious decision. Banner hangers are small, extremely strong and flexible enough to meet a wide array of business needs. Best of all, these astounding products help reduce the staggering 250 to 400 million tons of garbage Americans produce every year. - January 14, 2016

Save Money on Christmas Decorations with Innovative Plastic Grommets by Banner Ups

Instead of purchasing new Christmas ornaments and decorations this season, a growing number of people are choosing to repair and rejuvenate their current decorations with an innovative plastic grommet from Banner Ups. These adhesive Power Tabs are designed and proven to withstand winds up to 98 MPH. Engineered with high strength composite film, Power Tabs are less conspicuous and stronger than any other product on the market today. - December 11, 2015

Banner Ups Offering New Power TabsBanner Finishing Products

Banner finishing company Banner Ups is offering their new Power Tabs products for those looking for a unique banner finishing method that can give you access to durable yet inexpensive banner blanks. - November 04, 2015

Banner Finishing Companies: Toss Out Your Grommet Plastic - Free Banner Ups Samples Are Now Available from E.L. Hatton Sales Co.

Traditional banner making was not an easy process; it required accuracy, time, and money for materials that often proved to be ineffective. That is why E.L. Hatton Sales Co. created their line of Banner Ups banner hangers to eliminate clumsy old fashioned methods of banner finishing like grommet presses, welding/sewing, and plastic grommets. - June 05, 2015

E.L Hatton Sales Co. to Reveal Their New Banner Ups Fully Automated Banner Finishing System at the International Studies Association (ISA)

On April 9-11 2015, E.L. Hatton Sales Co., creator of the original Banner Ups, will be attending the ISA 2015 in Las Vegas to showcase their new Banner Ups product: the BravoBanner®. - March 11, 2015

Banner Ups Announces New Banner Hangers for Use in Sign & Banner Marketing

Large, medium, and small businesses alike know the importance of commercial marketing in this day and age. - February 18, 2015

Efficient Grommet Alternatives from E.L Hatton Sales Co. Now Available in a Variety of Different Options

Banner finishing can often feel like a hassle due to a lack of effective products on the market. - December 19, 2014

E.L. Hatton Sales Showcased Banner Ups’ Line of Banner Hangers at the 2014 SGIA Expo in Las Vegas

On Wednesday October 22 through to Friday October 24, E.L. Hatton Sales ( attended the 2014 SGIA Expo as an exhibitor to showcase Banner Ups’ line of banner hangers. - November 28, 2014

Distributor of Banger Hangers from Banner Ups, E.L. Hatton Sales, Attends the Blackwell Inn & Conference Center at the Ohio State University

On Thursday August 7th, 2014, a wrap-up showcase event was held at the Blackwell Inn and Conference Center on the campus of The Ohio State University to congratulate students and companies participating in the Ohio Expert Intern Program, including Abbie Vaculik and E.L Hatton Sales. - October 21, 2014

E.L. Hatton Sales Hires Abbie Vaculik as a Part of the Ohio Export Internship Program

As part of the Ohio Export Internship Program, E.L. Hatton Sales recently hired Abbie Vaculik, a junior from Ohio State University as well as a member of the Fisher College of Business. - August 21, 2014

Banner Finishing Made Easy with E.L. Hatton Sales Co.’s New PowerTabs® Product

E.L. Hatton Sales Co., a manufacturer of products such as the PowerPunch® and BravoTabs®, proudly introduces sign shops to their new PowerTabs® product. - July 18, 2014

E.L. Hatton Sales Co. Introduces Customers to the New Improved PowerPunch - an Alternative to the Benchtop Grommet Press

E.L. Hatton Sales Co. (, a manufacturer committed to providing time and cost effective finishing solutions for banner makers, introduces a new and improved version of its popular Banner Ups PowerPunch. - June 21, 2014

Tab Maker Introduces Improved Hand-Held Hole Punch

E. L. Hatton Sales Co., maker of Banner Ups PowerTabs® Adhesive Grommet Tabs, announces introduction of the new and improved version of its popular PowerPunch® a heavy duty hand-held punch capable of easily cutting holes in thick banner material. - June 05, 2014

Banner Ups Offers Exclusive & Innovative Alternatives for Plastic Grommets

Using High Strength Composite Material, Banner Ups Has Created a Range of Durable, Easy-to-Use, & Time-Saving Alternatives to Fit All Kinds of User Requirements. - May 20, 2014

Banner Ups Aims to Change the Way Banner Hangers Look & Perform

As a Company known for Simple Yet Durable & Effective Adhesive Grommets, Banner Ups Strives to Innovate Banner Hangers for Enhanced Visual Effect and Maximum Strength - May 20, 2014

Banner Ups® Takes Trouble Out of Banner Finishing with Adhesive Grommet Tabs

Banner Ups® Adhesive Grommet Tabs Ensure Quick, Simple, and Durable Banner Finishing. - May 02, 2014

Adding Variety to Its PowerTabs Collection, Banner Ups® Delivers Strong Grommet Alternatives to Its Consumers

Banner Ups® Offers a Durable Grommet Alternative with New PowerTabs. - May 02, 2014

Make Banner Finishing Easy with New and Simple Adhesive Banner Grommets by Banner Ups®

Banner Ups® Brings You a Quick and Hassle Free Way to Create Instant Banners on Your Own Without Any Sewing, Hemming, or Grommeting. - March 29, 2014

New PowerTabs by Banners Ups® Are a Grommet Alternative Offering More Tensile Strength Than Plastic Grommets

Manufactured Using High Strength Composite Film, PowerTabs by Banners Ups® are stronger than Grommets and easier to install. - March 29, 2014

Banner Ups Launches Its Powertabs to Provide Stronger and Easy to Use Reinforcements for Banners

Banner Ups Recently Released Its New PowerTabs Into the Market with the Aim to Revolutionize the Concept of Banner Reinforcements in the Graphics Industry - March 12, 2014

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