Ready to Launch: GofundFlorida Brings Crowdfunding Back Home to Florida; Florida’s First Locally Based Crowdfunding Site

"GofundFlorida is where people come to find and fund great causes, innovative ideas and the most awesome projects that Florida has to offer,” says founder K. James.

West Palm Beach, FL, August 22, 2014 --( Florida’s first locally based crowdfunding site GofundFlorida will be launching on 09/01/14. GofundFlorida is different from the larger international sites in that it is specifically geared towards Florida’s interests. GofundFlorida has found a way to localize and make crowdfunding, which was made popular by sites such as Kickstarter, more readily available for Floridians with less restrictions and more categories. The campaigners also the option to “keep what you raise” even if you don’t meet your goal.

The goal of GofundFlorida is to aid in boosting Florida’s economy and bring recognition to the vast contributions within Florida. The site was conceived when the cofounder went on her own crowdfunding mission only to find that there was no site that was focused specifically on the community she was trying to impact. She went on to collaborate with partners for the full concept of GofundFlorida. GofundFlorida is a reward- based, crowdfunding platform specifically designed for idea, events, causes, projects and pretty much anything else created in or that benefits Florida. “GofundFlorida is where people come to find and fund great causes, innovative ideas and the most awesome projects that Florida has to offer,” says founder K. James. GofundFlorida is here to assist individuals, artists, filmmakers, families in need, musicians, filmmakers, techies, innovators, community based organizations, schools and anyone else raise the funds they need and share their ideas and causes with the world.

Crowdfunding is a way for individuals, companies and organizations to fund causes, projects and ventures, which is referred to as “campaigns”. This is done by raising small amounts of money from a large amount of people, which is referred to a “crowd”). The crowdfunding concept is nothing new, but has recently been enhanced by the use of the internet and social media.

GofundFlorida only accepts causes, projects and campaigns based in or significantly related to Florida. GofundFlorida’s campaigns are specifically focused on Florida, however, anyone from anywhere in the world can create, discover and fund projects on GofundFlorida as long as they are within the GofundFlorida guidelines. The projects launched on GofundFlorida belong solely to their creators who are completely responsible for bring those projects to life.

The website will launch on 09/01/14 and boasts that campaigners will have no startup costs and one of the lowest completion fees in the crowdfunding industry. They will also donate $10 to each campaign launched on their site 09/01/14.

For their launch GofundFlorida is in search of 10 campaigns to feature during their launch. Rules and guidelines are available on their intro website. Some of the perks to becoming a featured campaigner during the launch are:

· Featured Launch Projects will receive media exposure coordinated by GofundFlorida
· Featured Launch Projects will receive $20 towards their Campaign Goal
· Featured Launch Projects will have the opportunity to receive EXTRA funding for their project.
· Featured Launch Projects will receive assistance from GofundFlorida founders and friends of GofundFlorida throughout their campaign.

Don’t get in the crowd! For more information visit GofundFlorida’s intro website at:
Kensha James