People Link Releases White Paper: Tips for Executive Recruiters

Gives Advice to Human Resource Managers on How to Find the Perfect Employee

Los Angeles, CA, October 27, 2007 --( The People Link (, an executive recruiter firm based in Los Angeles, has released a white paper entitled “Tips on Using Resumes to Find Your Perfect Employee,” geared to helping human resource recruiters in finding employees who will be productive for their companies.

HR Directors are finding it harder and harder to sort through the high volume of resumes and find the employees who will last on the job and be really productive. So this white paper comes as a welcome source of information.

Mya Borgman, CEO of The People Link, stated “With the advent of the Internet and ‘instant’ job postings, a company recruiter could easily be inundated with resumes that are a waste of time. I know of a very successful marketing consultant who originally started off in accounting but later moved into management and marketing. If one just looked at his background (more important for older employees) and education (more important for younger employees), then you would probably toss that resume. However, I know from his track record that he is a top-notch marketing consultant and is cutting edge in his knowledge of modern marketing tools. I have found that people excel when they are doing a job that they like. No one, whether it be the janitor or the CEO, likes to just ‘put in a day’s work’ to collect a paycheck. People are motivated by challenging and interesting work. So a resume is not like filling out a tax form where all the blank spaces have to be completed or you face the wrath of the mighty tax collector. A resume is just a starting point to consider a candidate. Sure, it will tell what positions he or she has held in the past. But what is their overriding passion that will motivate them to look for and accept a new position? Another big mistake that I find is that a good resume could be rejected because they are missing something that is on the "required qualifications". This could be as simple as no experience with a spreadsheet program but the candidate is otherwise fantastic. It would be nuts to reject this candidate but it happens every day.”

The People Link has placed thousands of job candidates into jobs of all types since its inception in 1995. Real estate recruiting has been one of their biggest specialty areas. Any employment recruiter interested in receiving a copy of the white paper “Tips on Using Resumes to Find Your Perfect Employee,” can download it at

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