Personalization is Taking Over Retail

The trends-spotting website is seeing a major trend in user specific trends.

New York, NY, August 23, 2014 --(, the leading trends-spotting website, is seeing a growing trend as companies work to provide a customized experience for their customers.

“Personalization is a new marketing approach that many companies are using,” says a spokesperson. “The strategy is to deliver a hyper-specified product or promotion to consumers, giving them ideas on what to buy or how much they need a specific product.”

The personalization trend is big in a variety of categories. Retailers are using data to target coupons of interest to pinpointed customers. Online boutiques are designing outfits based on social media cues. Other retailers are taking measurements and putting together customized eyeglasses or other accessories using just a few user contributions. But not all options are as high tech. Companies are reaching out to children, offering products like shoes that can be customized with washable paint. Grocery stores are offering man-specific aisles in order to appease the needs of the unwilling shopper.

“This trend is all about giving people what they want,” says a spokesperson. “Now that people realize they have experiences tailored just for them, there is an increased demand for it. It may be a little off-putting to some, but in the end, giving consumers exactly what they desire without even realizing it is a fantastic way to do business.”

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