Aleph Group Inc.'s Mobile Soup Kitchen to Feed the Food Insecure and at Risk Homeless

Aleph Group Inc. and St. John's Bread & Life partnered to develop a mobile food truck that would be serving multiple locations in the New York area.

Riverside, CA, August 23, 2014 --( St. John’s Bread & Life - Mobile Soup Kitchen

Specialty Vehicle; Serving the Food Insecure Communities of New York

“No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.” –Charles Dickens. Lighting days and lives for the people of New York is what St. Johns Bread & Life is dedicated to. Bread & Life’s mobile soup kitchen, driven by Danny Velez, travels to two different locations in the New York area, one in the morning and the other in the afternoon. There could be a line wrapped around the block full of men, women and children lined up, “waiving at what they have come to know as their saving grace; the big gold mobile soup kitchen.” – Caitlin Conklin. Each site this specialty vehicle stops at, delivers nearly four-hundred meals to the communities of New York City. With the addition of the office space to the mobile unit, case worker Marcus Greene, is able to assist clients with their benefit and housing issues. The people that receive meals are so appreciative for what Bread & Life does for them and allows them to focus on other efforts, besides finding their next meal.

“Richard was able to tell me with excitement that with the help of Marcus and the mobile soup kitchen meals alleviating the pressures he faced of finding his next meal, he was able to find a part time job which will support him financially…the excitement on his face, knowing that he did it was one that I cannot describe.” – Caitlin Conklin. The workers who dedicate their time and efforts to St. John’s Bread & Life create long lasting relationships with the people they serve. This specialty vehicle is a unique one, not only in its physical amenities but with the care and love that come out of it. Aleph Group Inc. is proud to hear these stories of accomplishments and success that their mobile solutions are having in communities around the world.

AGI loves what St. John’s Bread & Life is doing in their community and the affects they are having on people’s lives. Stories like this motivate and inspire our team to design and manufacture each specialty vehicle and mobile solution, knowing that each one can do great things in the world. Pushing past their brick and mortar facilities, Bread & Life was able to expand their boarders and reach deeper into their community than they ever dreamed of. Aleph Group Inc. is making great strides with every mobile unit they develop and have great plans coming in the near future.

“At Aleph Group Inc., we have experienced the power of human potential, and are committed to exploring the possibilities of growth with everyone who comes in contact with us.”– Aleph Group Inc
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