Daniel Levine: the Do-It-Yourself Retail Trend

The trends expert says we’re heading toward a future of minimal customer service.

New York, NY, August 24, 2014 --(PR.com)-- The trends expert and professional keynote speaker Daniel Levine is tracking the rise of customer service minimalism.

“Retailers and service providers are working hard to compete with the all-mighty internet,” says Daniel Levine. “In response, we’re seeing a big rise in do-it-yourself processes that leave no questions for the consumer.”

Ballparks are switching to a new model of beer service, where customers pay for their beer and fill their cups on their own. It’s akin to the growing bar model of having taps available at tables. Restaurants are getting into the act, replacing waitresses with touch-screen menus that filter directly to the kitchen. Retailers are operating under similar principles. There’s a growing model that allows for customers to make purchases and conduct transactions without the assistance of any assistance- even to the point of paying without checking out.

“Business are realizing that consumers don’t want to be sold to, and that they want more control,” says Daniel Levine. “Instead of having better customer service, some businesses are stripping away customer service all together. It’s making for a unique shopping experience, but it is unclear how far this trend will go.”

About Daniel Levine
Levine is a trends expert and professional keynote speaker. Using the observations and experiences of more than 9,000 trends spotters worldwide, Daniel builds a complete picture of consumer trends across a variety of categories. Learn more at http://DanielLevine.com

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