New Florida-Based Company KC’s Kick Ass Beer Cheese Releases Line of Healthy Beer Cheese Products

A new Florida-based company, KC’s Kick Ass Beer Cheese, has released a fresh new line of beer cheeses that come in three different flavors– Original, Hot and Buffalo White.

Daytona Beach, FL, September 25, 2014 --( The low-calorie content and delicate mixture of ingredients in each of these flavors ensures that both health-conscious foodies and cheese dip fans will have a tasty new line of beer cheeses to use for their dips and spreads. Furthermore, the recent partnership between KC’s Kick Ass Beer Cheese and a food processing plant in South Carolina provides plenty of opportunity for these specialty beer cheese products to break into the retail market.

Made from a delicious mixture of Premium Wisconsin cheddar cheese, beer and select spices, these three beer cheese flavors are the result of extensive research and testing; the final product reflects this hard work and contains the perfect mix of flavor and kick. Although beer cheeses are typically easiest to obtain in Kentucky, KC’s Kick Ass Beer Cheese aims to create a more accessible beer cheese market to ensure that people everywhere have access to healthy, tasty cheese dip alternatives.

KC’s Kick Ass Beer Cheese is factual proof that there are healthy snack options available that don't skimp on taste. The possible food combinations are limitless, making these beer cheeses a prime choice for those that love to combine their favorite foods with novel dips and spreads. From pretzels and snack platters to hot dogs, KC’s Kick Ass Beer Cheese can be enjoyed with a variety of different foods.

About KC’s Kick Ass Beer Cheese

Based out of Daytona Beach, Florida, KC’s Kick Ass Beer Cheese is a brand new company that aims to provide the general public with access to a variety of delicious beer cheeses through retail partnerships. With their tasty recipe and health-conscious ingredients, these new new beer cheese products are bound to create a new market for cheese dips. For more information or to inquire about obtaining some of your own KC’s Kick Ass Beer Cheese, visit
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Kathy Clark