Independent Author and Speaker, Nicole C. Calhoun Announces the Re-Release of Her First Literary Effort, "Victory's Road: A Graceful Drive Through Life’s Obstacles"

Christian Author and Speaker Nicole C. Calhoun is tenacious about getting the message of victory despite life's obstacles out to the masses.

Dallas, TX, August 25, 2014 --( Nicole C. Calhoun, an independent author and public speaker, is excited to announce the re-release of her first literary effort, "Victory's Road: A Graceful Drive Through Life’s Obstacles."

Nicole C. Calhoun first wrote this book three years ago. She credits God’s will, and not her own efforts, for the awesome, inspirational work that followed. Through His guidance, she created a book that has blessed many people around her, and has the potential to bless many more.

"Victory’s Road: A Graceful Drive Through Life’s Obstacles" tells the story of life as a winding road, where the journey holds more answers than the destination. Roadblocks and detours will always come up, no matter how much anyone plans, but those trials will help prepare them for the road ahead.

When Nicole C. Calhoun first tried to self-publish, she paid a subsidiary to do part of the work, without realizing how they would complicate things. The company controlled cost and publication, making the finished product very expensive. They only offered marketing through their own catalog distributions, leaving her to get the word out by herself.

Most authors are not marketing experts, and Nicole C. Calhoun is no different. She had no idea how to promote herself, so her book ended up in very few hands.

During tough times, "Victory’s Road: A Graceful Drive Through Life’s Obstacles," reminded her that no obstacle is too big for God. Now, armed with her experiences and a new found resolve, she is re-publishing the book under her own name and her own company.

Self-publishing is undoubtedly more difficult, but it allows authors to promote their own work on their own time. Nicole C. Calhoun sees all the trials ahead, but she believes it will be worth it if she can help people realize their full potential and power in God.

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Nicole C. Calhoun