Schools in Fort Myers and Naples Open in Peak Lice Season

The months of August and September see the highest incidence of head lice, according to the owners of LiceDoctors Lice Treatment and Nit Removal Service. The experts at LiceDoctors have been treating families with head lice for nearly 20 years.

Fort Myers, FL, August 27, 2014 --( End of summer means one thing to the team of lice professionals at LiceDoctors Lice Treatment and Nit Removal Service; a spike in the incidence of head lice among school aged children and their families.

According to Karen Sokoloff of LiceDoctors, each year with the end of camp and the beginning of school, there is always a big increase in the incidence of these unwanted pests. "August and September are very busy with head lice and the most likely candidates for it are children. We are seeing children from all over Fort Myers and Naples areas who are battling infestations."

Sokoloff blames the overall climb in incidence largely to a growing resistance to the chemical treatments. In particular, the summer and fall months are especially busy due to that fact that children are in close contact with each other on play dates in the summer and back to school times. "We have been hearing from hundreds of families who have tried the chemical shampoos without success. Often the parents think that their children are then lice and nit-free, but if there are a couple of bugs left in the hair, they will mature and hatch and evenutally lay more eggs." In many schools students' heads are examined for head lice by nurses when they return to school, and cases that have been lingering all summer turn up. Not everyone has symptom of head lice; some children have it and do not itch at all.

The best way to identify nits is to bring the child to a bright spot, either by a window, outside, or where there is a bright lamp. The light reflects against the translucent shell which makes it easier to find them. According to Sokoloff, "The key to successful treatment is to ensure that all nits are gone from the head. If a couple are left in, they will ultimately hatch."

LiceDoctors all-natural lice protocol was created 20 years ago by Dr. Stephen Beck, the company's on-staff medical director. It synchronizes with the life cycle of the lice and it highly effective. The company guarantees its work.

In addition to Fort Myers, LiceDoctors services are also available in Florida in Tampa, Orlando, Sarasota, and Jacksonville areas and can be contacted at 800-224-2537 or on their web site at LiceDoctors comes to your home at your earliest convenience, 365 days a year, day or evening. In Fort Myers, the contact number is 239-305-8819.
Wendy Beck