SalesCart Releases Its New E-commerce Software - SalesCart Cloud

New Product Release: New software ecommerce type just released, SalesCart Cloud, allows the ability to securely sell a full catalog of products over the Internet without a website using Facebook.

Round Rock, TX, August 28, 2014 --( SalesCart (, one of the originators of Internet ecommerce, announced today it has released a new type of ecommerce software that provides the ability to securely sell products, from a full online store, without a website. The software uses Facebook as a warehouse in the cloud for users to build and maintain the store, but with an infinite number of possible marketing fronts to the back-end store. The nearly released software, called SalesCart Cloud, allows a business to sell and display products from Facebook, or mirrored on an infinite number of websites, and even more easily from a mobile app than other older ecommerce software. Previously, similar Facebook ecommerce software merely linked back to an ordinary website. The issue businesses experience when using these older link-back storefronts is shopping cart abandonment because social shoppers become uncomfortable and security conscious when they leave the Facebook platform. When a customer leaves Facebook it changes the personal nature of social ecommerce back to the ordinary feel of a high pressure web sales pitch and opens them up to viruses. Facebook has been aware of this issue for some time, and announced it was attempting to overcome cart abandonment last month via its new Buy-Now Button technology. Just like in Facebook’s unreleased solution, SalesCart Cloud keeps the shopper within the Facebook platform during the entire start-to-finish buying and checkout experience. However, unlike the limitations of Facebook’s solution, a business is not limited to a few buy now buttons or even Facebook payments. With SalesCart Cloud, they can have an ordinary merchant account and a whole catalog and search engine of products stored in the cloud without a distinct website if they don’t need one.

According to Michael Barber, CEO of ComCity, the company that makes SalesCart, “Our software is a totally new ecommerce type that we call Contained Ecommerce, and it is different from previous ecommerce solutions where the website and online store were indistinguishable. Our cloud-based store can be placed inside of an existing website, or anywhere else, by sole proprietors with limited technical abilities and adding 380 characters, no matter the websites design or hosting platform.” Prior to SalesCart Cloud, adding an online store to a website required complicated templates that took over the entire website’s design, sometimes to the detriment of its marketing, and required special hosting, a programmer, a skilled website designer, and other requirements to make the store secure. SalesCart calls these older online stores -- traditional ecommerce, where there is no distinct difference between the online store and the rest of the website and both are completely intertwined and co-mingled together. According to Michael Barber, “Traditional ecommerce added complexity to the process, made the store design rigid, difficult to implement, much less secure, and added a lot of time and expense for an individual merchant to sell anything securely over the Internet without a lot of help.”

Because of this complexity, many sole proprietors moved to sell through common marketplace enablers like Amazon or eBay which was also the only way to sell products or services previously without a distinct website. A business can obviously still do this with SalesCart Cloud and certainly more easily. However, now if a business doesn’t need a website, they can maintain an independent product catalog using social or other marketing thereby avoiding the expense of hosting and the time and expense of developing a complicated website. If a store owner is just starting out and only needs to sell a few products, they can use a forever free version of the product with PayPal. For bigger stores, SalesCart Cloud further streamlines and simplifies the process by providing a standard merchant account to accept credit cards that is already integrated within the software and a free credit card reader.

About SalesCart
SalesCart, a division of ComCity, helped to originate ecommerce on the Internet by releasing the 8th commercial shopping cart in the world in 1996, and created the first script-only based shopping cart in 1997. As an ecommerce disruptor, the mission of SalesCart is to make ecommerce easier, more secure, more flexible, and more affordable than ever before. SalesCart ecommerce products have evolved a new 3rd ecommerce type – Contained Ecommerce™. Contained Ecommerce is the principal of decoupling the storefront (web store) from the web sites design and hosting. This allows a websites look and feel to be designed distinctly, to reflect individual marketing, without the complicated software of a traditional web store that forces the website into a template or monolith. SalesCart believes the concept of separating shopping cart security requirements and complexity from the simplicity and economics of inexpensive website design and hosting products will drive ecommerce commoditization and disruption of the industry using its product.

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