Daniel Levine: Baby Trends Are Growing Up

The trends expert and keynote speaker is seeing an increasing number of infant-related products.

New York, NY, August 28, 2014 --(PR.com)-- Daniel Levine, the leading trends expert and public speaker, is tracking the rise in baby-related trends.

“Parents only want the best for their children,” says Daniel Levine. “And with a combination of technology and available capital, we’re seeing a wide range of products and devices to help make raising the baby that much easier.”

Technology is leading the surge of the baby trend. Smart phones are making everything easier - including diaper monitors to alert parents to necessary change and apps that monitor and translate the purpose behind a baby’s cries. There are also apps that monitor baby vitals and activity through wearable technology. And that’s just when the baby has been born. There are also virtual monitors that allow fathers to experience the sensation of pregnancy, including the kicking baby.

There are also a variety of trends for the baby’s vanity. That includes high-end perfume, exclusive strollers, and a variety of photography fads.

“Parents are going to extremes to pamper, nourish, and enrich their children,” says Daniel Levine. “What you’re seeing is an increase in services and ideas to make parenting easier. It’s also working off of the idea of ‘only the best’, which gives developers and designers and idea-makers the incentive to keep thinking bigger.”

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