Web IAM Reseller in France: Antsys to Resell Cafésoft Cams Identity and Web Access Management Solutions

Cafésoft is partnering with Antsys, which will be a value added reseller of the company's Cams and Cams Identity solutions to provide web access management and identity management for French national organizations.

San Diego, CA, August 29, 2014 --(PR.com)-- Cafésoft announced today that it will partner with Antsys, which will be a value added reseller of the company's Cams and Cams Identity solution to provide web access management and identity management for French national organizations. The two companies share a successful relationship in which Antsys has deployed and administered Cafésoft's Cams web access management solution to secure mission critical web applications and files for its customer the Bordeaux Wine Council (CIVB).

"We're excited to partner with Antsys to promote and support Cams and Cams Identity in France," said Gary Gwin, a partner at Cafésoft. "Antsys has a successful track record supplying highly technical, world-class solutions to French nation companies in the wine, dairy, and corrugated cardboard industries. Our web access management and identity management solution will provide Antsys with a web security platform for its customers that is simple, flexible and affordable."

Cams web access management software makes websites more secure and manageable by centralizing web application security policy decisions and management, rather than implementing security within web applications and web servers. This centralized approach to web access management enables companies to shrink development and administration time and reduce complexity and costs, while improving time-to-market, site security, and software life-cycle flexibility.

Cams Identity provides user identity management services for LDAP user stores including Active Directory. Full user account life-cycle management features enable user self-service such as password reset, delegated user management, e-mail notification with multi-tenant branding, and automated reporting. Use of Cams Identity reduces cost and complexities while improving security policy enforcement associated with managing user account life-cycles.

More information is available on Cafésoft's website at http://www.cafesoft.com. Fully supported Cams and Cams Identity evaluation licenses, which include access to the production products are available for 30 days upon request.

About Antsys

Antsys is a French company specializing in computing services for wine-making organizations. Antsys has 30 years of services expertise and leadership at the national level in security, the cloud, networks, and software development. In addition to wine makers, Antsys also develops a system platform for French national cheese making organizations and provides a complete software solution for corrugated cardboard makers. Please see http://www.antsys.fr for more information.

About Cafésoft

Cafésoft develops and markets Cams and Cams Identity, which are a secure, flexible, and affordable web access and identity management solution. Organizations worldwide use Cams and Cams Identity to give employees, customers, and partners secure access to protected web content and applications. Cams and Cams Identity customers: 1) simplify and accelerate web access and identity management implementations; 2) reduce costs; and, 3) improve security compliance and accountability. Please see http://www.cafesoft.com for more information.

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Gary Gwin