Content Expert Reveals Her Secret Weapon for Solopreneurs and Small Biz Owners to Make More Money

Fairfax, VA, August 30, 2014 --( Kristie Lorette McCauley, content expert, announced the launch of her audio on demand Multiply Your Content Like Rabbits to Grow the Money in Your Bank Account. The audio helps solopreneurs and small business owners that wear all of the hats in their business to create their own stream of fresh content, so they can increase website traffic, increase sales, and increase the amount of money in their bank accounts. The audio provides the details on how to turn one piece of content into at least seven other pieces of fresh, new content to keep website visitors coming back for more.

When it comes to implementing an online marketing strategy, providing high-quality and fresh content is king. Multiply Your Content Like Rabbits to Grow the Money in Your Bank Account helps business owners quickly and easily create the fresh content they need to build credibility and trust with their prospects and clients. The content-building tips also help business owners to continue to pump out fresh content to keep visitors coming back for more information, which equates to more opportunities for businesses to sell. As an added bonus, all of the ways to create the fresh new content are low- and no-cost options.

Solopreneurs and small business owners can download the audio file now and listen and learn now or when they have the time. The cost to download the file is simply an email address. Visit for more information and to gain instant access to the audio.

“Quality content equals website traffic equals increased sales, also known as Mo’ Money in Your Pockets. I know how to write fresh new content like there is no tomorrow, but if I was a business owner that didn’t, I’d want to learn from a teleseminar, an ebook or a webinar, from some freakin’ place! Since I’m a busy solopreneur too, I like to learn techniques from audio that I can listen to and learn from while I’m cooking dinner or changing the baby’s diaper or walking the dogs. This is why I decided to deliver my secret weapon, my secret sauce, for creating fresh new content as audio on demand, so business owners like me can download it, listen to it now or listen to it later and learn!” said Kristie Lorette McCauley.
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Kristie Lorette McCauley