That Adopted Girl Launches "I Am Worthy" Product Line to Spread the Message of Self-Worth, Self-Love and Self-Respect

Las Vegas, NV, September 02, 2014 --( That Adopted Girl launches "I Am Worthy" line on to spread the message of self worth in a society that feeds on making people feel like they are not enough.

That Adopted Girl president, Juliana Whitney, says “I was inspired to create the 'I Am Worthy' products while I was writing about adoption. I realized that there are men and women, mothers and fathers questioning whether they are worthy of parenthood and there are kids questioning whether they are worthy of a family. Then I just got to thinking about how many people doubt themselves an question their worth. I want people to remember their value. Men, women, children, gender non-conforming...everyone.”

That Adopted Girl products are meant to empower the heart, soul and mind.

"A lot of people doubt themselves. They question whether or not they are worthy of what they desire in life. Some even question if they are worthy of what they have. Let’s empower adults and children to believe and acknowledge that they are worthy of love, friendship, respect, life, health, success, etc."- Ramon Elar, V.P.

'I Am Worthy' products remind you everyday of your value as a human being and in turn inspire you to remind others of their value. It is a message to carry with you for the rest of your life!

What are you worthy of?
That Adopted Girl
Emerson Wimmer