Action Target Announces a New Modular Shooting Stall for Indoor Shooting Ranges

Action Target releases the Defenderâ„¢ Shooting Stall, a modern shooting stall designed for easy customization.

Provo, UT, September 01, 2014 --( Action Target announced Monday that it has released a new stall design for indoor shooting ranges. This new design, named the Defender™ Shooting Stall, allows range owners to customize the look and functionality of their ranges while maintaining crucial safety standards.

“Shooting stalls often don’t receive the credit they deserve,” Action Target’s Vice President of Engineering Kevin Tomaszewski said. “While they are not the flashiest piece of range equipment, they are by far the most important when it comes to keeping shooters safe. And the new Defender™ Shooting Stall not only provides outstanding safety, it also gives range owners the freedom to make it what they want.”

The science behind the safety of the Defender™ Shooting Stall comes from its interchangeable panels made of ballistic steel or ballistic glass. With a split-panel design and several levels of UL 752 compliance (an independent ballistic safety standard), range owners can mix and match solid and clear materials and only pay for the safety grade needed for their specific ranges.

New features of the Defender™ Shooting Stall include a standard brass deflector to prevent hot casings from travelling to adjacent lanes, enhanced LED lighting and controls, optional ABS plastic skin to prevent wear and tear on structural pieces from spent brass, and multiple table configurations.

Range owners now have the option to select from three table configurations and five widths to accommodate any range size or application. The options include a fixed table with an optional shelf that customers can use to store gear, a pivot table that rotates out of the way for downrange access, and a tactical cart that connects to the sides of the stall but can be easily detached and moved downrange for tactical use.

The Defender™ Shooting Stall replaces the former stall design but is easily retrofittable to existing Action Target range installations. For more information on the Defender™ Shooting Stall or to request a quote, please visit
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