Dubai Event to Feature Extensive Know-How on Product Pricing and Price Review in Gas and Liquefied Natural Gas Contracts

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, September 04, 2014 --( Neoedge, a leading business intelligence firm based in Singapore, teams up with The Energy Contract Company to put together an international event entitled, “Mastering Pricing & Price Review in Gas & LNG Contracts,” happening at the Ramada Hotel Dubai, United Arab Emirates, on 17th to 20th November 2014.

The four-day event in Dubai, features in-depth presentation modules and interactive lectures facilitated by Anthony Way, Director and Managing Partner at The Energy Contract Company. There are a total of thirteen modules and three case studies will be presented at the event.

Mr. Way, in his over three decades of experience in the field, has worked extensively as advisor to several major oil and gas companies and on numerous energy projects worldwide. He spearheaded the negotiation of more than fifteen gas/LNG (liquefied natural gas) sale and purchase agreements in Asia, Europe and Africa.

Further to Anthony Way’s expertise and longevity in the industry, his portfolio includes his involvement in a number of project financings. He, too, frequently acts as an Expert in international disputes in the gas industry, and is currently heavily engaged in the process of resolution of several major disputes related to price under gas and LNG supply contracts.

The event’s tagline: “A unique chance to get an appreciation of pricing in International Gas and LNG Sales Contracts, of the Price Review provisions that are now almost mandatory, and how disputes in this area can be resolved,” is most timely and appropriate as it offers an first class opportunity for the gas and LNG professionals to learn from a world-renowned commercial expert in this sector.

This training course is designed for the gas industry professionals who are involved in gas production, buying, selling, and those advising investors that are interested in developing projects in the gas and LNG sectors of the energy industry.

After the course, delegates will definitely have the mastery and thorough understanding of the details of product pricing and in particular the Price Review, which is now a regular feature in gas and LNG sales. This will also be beneficial for all parties involved, to know the future pricing in the gas and LNG sales contracts.

While it is a platform that will gather the senior executives in the industry, the event’s programme content is equipped with unique modules that are very relevant for all companies involved in gas and liquefied natural gas prices and there will be three successful case studies to be highlighted: 1) Gas Price Formula to Track Market Value; 2) Examples of Price Review Clauses; 3) Calculation of Market Value.

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