Get-It-Started™: A New Resource for Micro-Business Entrepreneurs

The Mullings Group, LLC supports the growth of entrepreneurship in hopes of ending poverty. The company’s flagship educational program, BootstrapBootcamp, has grown to accommodate over 4,700 students and they are now about to launch Get-It-Started™. Get-It-Started™ is a service which focuses on helping micro-business entrepreneurs get their businesses going in no time at a startup-friendly price.

Providence, RI, September 06, 2014 --( The Mullings Group is launching an innovative program via the Institute of Entrepreneurship and Leadership, which assists determined entrepreneurs who are ready to open a business. offers startup services that complete the startup process for business owners and guide them on their way to success.

The Mullings Group: Coaching Entrepreneurs to Success

In 2009, The Mullings Group was created to provide coaching, consulting and education to micro-business entrepreneurs in hopes of developing and supporting entrepreneur-leaders. This business consultancy helps micro-business entrepreneurs start their businesses by providing a low-cost, low-risk way to start and run businesses that truly solve problems.

In order to provide these business services, the company formed the Institute of Entrepreneurship and Leadership (IEL). IEL provides holistic entrepreneur-leadership training where the focus is not only on starting businesses, but also on developing the individuals as entrepreneur-leaders. IEL’s vision is to end poverty through entrepreneurship, by developing nations of entrepreneur-leaders who meet the needs of others through commerce.

The Business Startup Process

Due to the difficult startup process, many entrepreneurs fail to open their businesses in a timely manner or may not even know how to complete the process at all. There are numerous steps involved in starting a business, which require a huge amount of time that could otherwise be spent on central business matters.

Receiving professional help when starting a business allows the entrepreneur to focus on the future of the company instead of being stuck in the beginning stages. The vast amount of time it takes to open a business could translate into lost sales that could have been made in that period. By spending less than $600, micro-business entrepreneurs are able to get their businesses up and running in no time, saving multiple headaches and a great deal of time.

Benefits of the Program

To assist business owners everywhere and eliminate the obstacle of opening a business, The Mullings Group is introducing a low-cost solution at The Get-It-Started™ service was designed by Keno Mullings, the managing director of The Mullings Group and a believer in ending poverty through entrepreneurship by developing entrepreneur-leaders.

Get-It-Started™ performs over 25 pre-defined startup tasks for each customer and provides essential training on how to manage a successful business. All of the startup work is done professionally, by experts in the field. Get-It-Started™ involves steps ranging from creating social media accounts, an original logo, a basic website, and a marketing template, to assistance with registering the new business.

After registration, an entrepreneur also receives a free workbook, entrepreneurship program, video training, and exclusive access to the BootstrapEntrepreneurs forum. The service can be accessed at

The official Get-It-Started™ launch date is September 9, 2014. The first entrepreneur who signs up at on that date will get the service for free. The next 100 people will get a steep $200 discount, while the rest will get $100 off. These discounts apply only on the launch day.
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