Daniel Levine: Corporate Activism is Appearing More Frequently in the Business Sector

The trends expert says businesses are trying to keep up with customer beliefs.

New York, NY, September 06, 2014 --(PR.com)-- Daniel Levine, the leading trends expert and keynote speaker, is following the growing trend of corporate activism.

“More and more, large businesses are tracking the will of the people,” says Daniel Levine. “Consumers know what they stand for, and they are not interested in supporting businesses that have questionable motives or shady production methods. Therefore, businesses have to stay on top of the moods of consumers.”

Some large retailers, like Whole Foods, are embracing the fight for better pay. Their employees are receiving higher wages as the company continues to see staggering success and growth. Other companies, like Nestle, are embracing animal rights. This means ensuring that cows, chickens, and other creatures affiliated with company products are raised in better conditions and with fewer artificial treatments. A variety of corporations are embracing transparency in order to give consumers a better look at what is in their products. Other producers are embracing the green trend.

“Businesses have to stay current with the wants and needs of their customers,” says Daniel Levine. “These trends reflect the growing uncertainty of corporate culture, and corporations are doing whatever they can do maintain as high a level of trust as possible.”

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Daniel is a leading trends expert and professional keynote speaker. Using the observations and experiences of more than 9,000 trends-watchers worldwide, Daniel compiles a complete picture of trends across more than a dozen industries. Learn more at DanielLevine.com

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