Vista Packaging Leads the Way in Environmentally Friendly Cosmetic Packaging

It might look like plastic and feel like plastic cosmetic tube packaging, but the good news is -- it is 100% biodegradable using a plastic lookalike.

Brooklyn, NY, September 07, 2014 --( Vista Packaging, Inc. has launched its Bio-sugar tube packaging as a replacement option to traditional plastic cosmetic packaging. Vista is the only company in the world to produce plastic tubes from sugarcane for personal care, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals that are 100% recyclable yet easily mistaken for their environmentally un-friendly fossil fuel counterparts.

Vista Tubes Go Green

Plastic-tube packaging offers a convenience in modern life and is increasingly the packaging choice for cosmetics and food products. However, consumption results in the dumping of plastic waste that is creating an environmental impact, estimated by some to be a $13 billion a year problem. The greater problem is damage to the world’s eco-system that will affect future generations. Reducing waste of traditional plastic tubes made from fossil fuel has become an imperative.

Vista Packaging, Inc. has taken heed to the warnings to reduce the use of plastics by offering their FDA approved alternative plastic tube. They are the only company in the world to offer a Bio-plastic tube made using sugarcane.

“Bio-plastic must meet two criteria – First, it must be a plastic produced 100% from renewable plant based resources. Second, they must be biodegradable, meaning it can be decomposed to water and carbon dioxide by microorganisms,” according to Judy Weinberg, head of R&D. “We are pleased that our SugarCane tube packaging meets both criteria.”

“Since more than 50% of the goods in the Western industrialized countries are packed in plastic, we recognize our role to help reduce plastic waste,” said William Schwartz, CEO of Vista Packaging, Inc. “It's important to decrease the amount of plastic packaging to be more Eco-friendly and sustainable by using material from a renewable source instead of fossil fuels. As a leading supplier of plastic tube packaging, we know we have to be part of the solution.”

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