'Don't Pee in The Pond' Says beTurtle.com, a Newly Launched Green Community

beTurtle.com, a new environmental web community and information portal launched in beta today. The site combines social media and rich content with an irreverent tone.

Morganville, NJ, October 28, 2007 --(PR.com)-- beTurtle.com, a new environmental web community and information portal was launched in beta today with the unusual tag line and appeal, "don't pee in the pond." The site combines social media and rich content with an irreverent tone to target what they call 'eco lites' -- non-activists who care about the environment.

"I don't have the time to sweat through scientific reports," says Chief Operating Officer Joe Toth. "We want 'be turtle' to be an active state of mind."

beTurtle is positioned as the premier environmental site to get green information, meet green friends and be entertained. It includes a broad range of content and features including: eco news and views; watchdog write-ups on corporations; funny stories of members trying to live more eco friendly; member forums; comical videos and an 'eco kind' store where members can buy and review organic products.

"beTurtle is for eco-lites who realize something is seriously wrong, but don't fully understand it or have the time to devote to it," says Chief Executive Mechele Shoneman. "We try to get through the confusion and hype with clarity, simplicity, humor and an engaging community."

To remain credible and accurate, the site is also gathering some of the leading environmental 'movers and shakers' to answer community questions and concerns. The most recent member to join the beTurtle Board of Advisors is Dr. Matt Prescott, director of banthebulb.org and organizer of the Oxford Earth Summit.

The new 'green economy' is evidenced everywhere and according to LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) over 53 million people (30% of US adults) can be considered 'green' or environmentally friendly. This translates to $228.9 million annually. Many believe there will be a huge shift in social consciousness over the next few years. It can be seen in the UK and Canada where the concept of environmental awareness is commonplace. "In the US, the idea will eventually affect every area of our personal, social and commercial lives. We believe that in the new 'green economy' the old model of being profitable at the expense of the environment will go the way of the dinosaur," says Shoneman.

There is a wide divide between the media-abused term 'going green' and the average person's willingness to do so. According to Shoneman, "We realize that social change directly impacts behavior, but first there's got to be buy-in, and right now that's not happening. Corporate giants and traditional media can't force the tipping point -- they're no longer trusted. Change comes from community reinforcement; from a porous line between producers and consumers; from the proverbial pebble rippling through the pond. That's where beTurtle comes in."

For more information on beTurtle.com a newly launched green web community, contact Mechele Shoneman at mechele@beturtle.com or visit http://www.beturtle.com/.

About beTurtle.com -- based in Morganville, New Jersey, beTurtle.com is new environmental community and information portal.

Mechele Shoneman