LifeSpan Environmental Effect Finder Available to the Public

Use the free tool to discover the environmental impact of recycling electronics such as PCs and laptops.

Newton, MA, September 11, 2014 --( LifeSpan is proud to announce the public availability of the LifeSpan Environmental Effect Finder, or LEEF. This free tool allows anyone to answer questions related to their positive impact on the environment through the proper recycling of their electronic waste.

“Our environmental team created LEEF so that anyone can have access to information on the environmental impacts of electronics recycling,” said LifeSpan founder and President, Dag Adamson. “We hope that this tool can be useful everyone - not just to our enterprise customers, and that it helps to illuminate the environmental impacts of electronics from manufacturing through end of life.”

LEEF is the product of 18 months of research and development, starting with extensive research on life cycle analyses for the various materials that electronic devices contain. These life cycle analyses track every environmental impact associated with the extraction, processing, and production of each material by including as many indirect factors as possible, such as transportation.

LEEF also leverages LifeSpan’s industry knowledge. To retrieve reliable numbers for the average weight of components and materials in a piece of electronic equipment, large quantities of computers and other devices had to be broken down to their smallest components and weighed individually. We then averaged and benchmarked for the top twenty-five to thirty most common device types to enter our facility.

As a result of this meticulous process, any quantity of e-waste from a single cell phone or laptop to multiple tons of electronics can be entered into the calculator, offering a breakdown which reveals its surprisingly large environmental impact. The research and analysis techniques utilized in LEEF are so cutting-edge that it has been honored as a semi-finalist in the 2014 Recycling Innovators Forum.

About LifeSpan:

Founded in 2002, LifeSpan is a managed services company providing end-of-life data security, IT and electronic asset retirement, and asset remarketing services to enterprises, lease companies, and government and non-profit organizations nationwide. LifeSpan offers organizations the flexibility of handling large quantities of equipment or many locations with a customized program. LifeSpan maintains the highest standards and certifications for data security, environmental protection and ethical business practices. LifeSpan holds additional industry certifications including NAID AAA, ISO 14001, and R2/RIOS. Learn more at our website:
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