Progenomics LLC Launches MeshPro Insoles, the Ultimate Insole to Help Keep Feet Dry, on Amazon

MeshPro Insoles, a unique made-in-Japan 3D matrix honeycomb insole that helps keep feet dry, are now available for sale on Amazon.

New York, NY, September 13, 2014 --( Progenomics LLC, a publishing/consulting, trading company and manufacturer based in Japan, announced today that it has launched MeshPro Insoles in the US market.

It is well known that the best way to avoid foot odor is by keeping the feet dry. MeshPro Insoles are a uniquely machined made-in-Japan top quality product that offers the most efficient aeration possible.

Made up of a repeating matrix of more than 400 honeycomb-like open air cells that are supported by thousands of high-density nylon/polyester fibers, this unique insole allows fresh air to continually circulate with each step.

The support matrix is open to the air from all angles, top, bottom and sides, bringing an unprecedented level of air exposure that allows for ultimate dryness. Every lift of your foot brings a breath of fresh air to your feet.

And because the insoles are made up of open mesh cells with a significant amount of area being open air, they are extremely light weight.

Their strong nylon support fibers are spaced perfectly to offer ultimate support—if cells are placed too far apart, the insole will buckle under the weight of its wearer—too many cells and aeration will be compromised. The mesh structure has been calculated precisely to offer the greatest balance between support and aeration.

Additionally, flip the MeshPro Insoles over and you will find a special skid-proof polymer material coated on the edge of every cell in the matrix to ensure that the insoles remain firmly fixed in your shoes or boots regardless of how much activity you engage in.

MeshPro Insoles are made for everyone—men, women and children, and can be cut to sizes ranging from 20 cm to 30 cm (roughly 8-12 inches).

Whether you are a soldier or construction worker, nurse or housewife, MeshPro Insoles are both light and strong but also soft and breathable for your needs.

MeshPro Insoles are an all-year-round product. The special 3D mesh structure not only allows maximum aeration, but also retains air for a short period of time, making the feet comfortably warm in the winter.

MeshPro Insoles are made in Japan, where high quality is prized more than low price. This made in Japan top quality is evident in the construction of every MeshPro Insole. Even with this intricate complex matrix design, both the exterior and interior are solidly built, with no ripping, falling apart or pieces coming off -- every fiber is solidly secured.

About Progenomics LLC
Progenomics LLC is a consulting/publishing company, trading company, and manufacturer of its own line of consumer products. The company is based in the USA, Japan and Canada and has been in business since 2007. The company also offers business solutions for companies wishing to expand their business into Japan, the USA and Canada via the Amazon selling platform.
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