Fonon Technologies Aids in the War on Terror

New Tool Helps Federally Mandated Arms Tracking Initiative

Lake Mary, FL, September 13, 2014 --( Identification and tracking of guns, small arms and ammunition are not new initiatives; however, recently issued Department of Defense (DoD) directives mandating unique identification (UID) marks and an international push to standardize marking, record keeping and tracing of small arms and light weapons, have manufacturers revamping existing processes and procedures for marking equipment.

The overarching goal of all of these directives is to make small arms, light weapons and ammunition easily traceable to decrease illicit arms trafficking and aid in the investigation of criminal and terrorist activities. With most G8 countries on high alert for terrorist activity, this tool will aid in neutralizing terrorist groups throughout the globe.

Fonon Technologies has been assisting clients in successfully complying with UID directives through the use of the Handheld Laser Systems for marking small arms. The fiber laser marking systems boast no consumables and are virtually maintenance-free. The tool is portable, and fully-integrated for field work.

“The prospect of weapons falling into the wrong hands is a real threat, especially with today’s political climate. As a company, we feel that it’s our duty to help any way we can in making the tracking process as easy as possible,” stated Fonon spokesman, Josh Jones.

In conjunction with the United Nations, the US Department of Defense states each small arms manufacturers mark should contain:

*Name of manufacturer;
*Country of origin;
*Serial number or other alternative unique identifying code.

The inclusion of additional information such as the year of manufacture, weapon type/model and caliber are also encouraged, per DoD standards.

Arms and gun manufacturers are discovering laser marking is the perfect solution for creating marks that are legible, durable and non-alterable or removable.

Systems include FiberScan C3™, user-friendly software developed by Fonon Technologies, and optional extended warranties are available.

To learn more about how your operation can become DoD compliant, contact Fonon Technologies to request more information about the Handheld Laser System.

For more information, please contact Joshua Jones at:, or 844-44-LASER (52737).

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