Worksite Webcams Unveil Their New Time Lapse Cameras for Remotely Monitoring Construction Sites

Clinton, NJ, September 13, 2014 --( New Jersey based company Worksite Webcams have recently unveiled their simple and affordable construction cams that are designed specifically for remotely monitoring job sites. These cameras take a photo every 15 minutes for each 12 hour time period and wirelessly route these photos to a secure website. The project owners and developers can view, download, and email them at their own discretion. All Worksite Webcams products are 100% guaranteed for either two years or the duration of the job – whichever is longer.

Worksite Webcams understands the time commitment and effort that goes into construction projects. Their products are easy to use and install so you don’t have to worry about any technical problems taking time away from your project. At the end of your project Worksite Webcams provides you with a time lapse video of all of the work your team has done over the course of the project. This is a great benefit for engineers and architects that want to see the growth and development of their project from start to finish.

For anyone looking for a reliable and high-quality construction cam, the products offered at Worksite Webcams are an ideal choice. With large 5MP photos, zoom lens, and low monthly service fees that cover a cellular plan, hosting, photo archiving and software, any project owner or developer will be more than pleased with the reliability and versatility that these jobsite webcams offer.

About Worksite Webcams

Based out of Clinton, New Jersey, Worksite Webcams aims to provide simple, reliable, and effective jobsite cams for construction managers, contractors, engineers and architects. The low service fees and solid state design of these products reflects the commitment of Worksite Webcams to ensuring that your construction project is properly monitored at all times.
Worksite Webcams
John Majoris