English Spanish Bilingual Recruiting Services Respond to US Corporate Needs

US companies targeting the US Hispanic or international Latin American markets have need to fill positions with bilingual English-Spanish speaking employees.

Denver, CO, October 30, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Bilingual English-Spanish business solutions company Affinity Spanish today affirmed its commitment to supporting US companies requiring English-Spanish speaking employees. US based Affinity Spanish provides bilingual recruiting services to companies and organizations with interests that necessitate having bilingual employees on staff. Affinity Spanish works mainly with organizations in need of mid-tier and executive level personnel, though service are available to support human resource requirements at most levels.

The need for bilingual English-Spanish personnel at all organizational levels has grown in response to several trends. One is the ascendance and growing economic importance of the US Hispanic market. While many US Hispanics speak English, a significant percent do not, or are Spanish dominant. Among some Hispanics that do speak English there remains a preference for verbal and written communication in their native Spanish.

In addition US companies seeking to do business in or with Latin America represent another group of organizations that require bilingual skills. Beside language there are cultural considerations as well. Effective communication is often as much a cultural issue as one associated with language.

Interested parties are invited to contact Affinity Spanish to learn more about standard and custom bilingual recruiting services. The company works with organizations nationwide on a confidential basis to client companies and prospective employees.

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Affinity Spanish Language Solutions is a leading bilingual English-Spanish language services company. Affinity Spanish helps people and organizations communicate and do business with the Spanish speaking population in the US and Latin America. Additional information is available at www.affinityspanish.com.

Contact: Ron McCoy, Director, Affinity Spanish Language Solutions, 303.404.8699 or ron.mccoy@affinityspanish.com.

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