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Customer security is top of the list for, and it’s cheaper to buy online by using the store.

South Staffordshire, United Kingdom, October 30, 2007 --( has not been in the private number plate industry for nearly twenty years for nothing. And now with security being on the tip of most people's tongues, it is only natural that it is who are leading the way ahead when it comes to online security. This is why will be offering £10 off the purchase price to all private number plate buyers who purchase their new number plates online.

Some registrations may be subject to a small extra fee, if purchased by using the phone.

This is why are keen to promote the complete process online, it means the company can keep costs down and pass these savings onto the customers. Buying online is completely safe and secure, the shop is open 24/7 all year round so customers can buy when they are ready and dictated by office hours.

If by any chance there ever was a breach of security, guarantee to refund any money lost, and if there happens to be a failed transfer, the same would apply to that too. This is just a way of ensuring that customers of get the best deals possibly can and as safe as it can be. are proud to be members of all of the following Governing bodies: MIRAD - Member Of The Institute Of Registration Agents & Dealers :: The C.N.D.A - Cherished Number Dealers Association :: R.M.I.F - Retail Motor Industry Federation :: The R.N.C - The Registration numbers Club :: The F.S.B - The Federation of Small Business. Beware: Some Private Number Plate dealers are not members of any Governing body & offer no security, are members of all Governing bodies possible, they are as 100% safe & secure.


Number plates are supplied on a DVLA certificate. Established in 1988, have the experience consumers need with access to over 40 million personalised number plates. are a registered DVLA number plate’s supplier. The company was founded in 1988 with only a handful of personalised registration commission sales, now with nearly 15 years experience the company has a 7 million strong database as well as considerable stock. The Company has grown into a very well known family run business located in a small village just outside Cannock south Staffordshire. The staff pride themselves in handling every transfer in an efficient and professional manner. are members of all trade governing bodies: C.N.D.A (Cherished Numbers Dealers Association) M.I.R.A.D (Members of the Institute of Registration Agents & Dealers) & R.N.C (Registration Number Club. F.S.B (Fed of Small Businesses)
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