Tripar Celebrating 65 Years of Business

Tripar; 65 years as the leading Canadian metal stamping specialist.

Montreal, Canada, September 18, 2014 --( Tripar is a metal stamping specialist founded in Montreal in 1949, proudly celebrating 65 years as a family owned and operated company, currently in its 3rd generation. Over the years Tripar’s facility has been expanded four times to meet increased demand. Tripar is also a founding member of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) and picked up many awards along the way including the Montreal Board of Trade ‘Prix Estim’ award for “Best Manufacturer” plus the CSST (Quebec safety board) Innovation prize.

Tripar offers high quality metal stampings with industry expertise that customers don’t find anywhere else. Their engineers sit down with customers regularly and help conceptualize their products with the wealth of knowledge 65 years in the business brings. “Our huge product line, experience, and open tooling, coupled with the willingness and capacity to modify anything to suit individual customer’s specific needs is what keeps Tripar at the forefront of the metal stamping world,” explains Lloyd Sevack, President.

In recent years Tripar has expanded its traditional North American customer base to serve an increasing number of European customers and has become a trademark in the metal stamping world.

About Tripar Inc.
With over 65 years of experience, Tripar is the leader in manufacturing metal stampings for the lighting industry and offers the same level of service and quality of products within other industries. We specialize in deep drawing with hundreds of draw dies available, with equal capabilities in drawing, forming and progressive stamping. Over the years, Tripar has grown from a small facility to the 65,000 square feet we now occupy, boasting over 100 presses with a capacity of up to 200 tons, along with CNC fabricating equipment such as laser cutting and press brakes. Our customers are quality-driven enterprises who appreciate all we have to offer and how well we know metal. We have more than 1500 dies adapted to a multitude of parts & processes, which can often be modified at reduced cost to suit custom requirements. All tooling is designed and manufactured on site in our fully equipped tool room. Tripar may be family-operated and proudly in its third generation, but to everyone here, it’s “our” company and we’re proud of it.
Tripar Inc
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