Accretive Helping Hands Publishes 2013 Annual Report

501(c)(3) organization partners with Accretive Health to donate more than $165,000 to those in need nationwide.

Chicago, IL, September 18, 2014 --( Accretive Helping Hands has published its 2013 annual report. The report reveals that - in its first full year of philanthropic work – the not-for-profit organization created by employees of Accretive Health found dozens of ways to better the communities in which they serve. In addition to financial donations, Accretive Health employees are volunteering their time at shelters, food pantries, and other charitable organizations that serve its provider partners across the country. In partnership with donations from Accretive Health, Accretive Helping Hands was able to raise $167,465 in 2013 with employee donations of $69,465, and corporate donations totaling $98,000.

The history of Accretive Helping Hands starts with the employees of Accretive Health. As part of their ongoing commitment to philanthropic activities in the communities they serve, Accretive Health employees founded an organization dedicated to charitable giving with Accretive Health, Inc., providing an initial financial endowment. Accretive Helping Hands was launched in December 2012 as an exciting new way for Accretive Health’s 1,750 U.S. employees to extend their volunteerism. Accretive Helping Hands helps patients and their families navigate the difficulties encountered after treatment by partnering with community healthcare and social work providers.

“We have employees working with our nationwide partners to identify ways to help address patient needs after the episode of care,” said Chris Hartemayer, a vice president at Accretive Health and president of Accretive Helping Hands. “For example, we may have helped to find coverage for the victim of a car accident, but now that patient is disabled. Accretive Helping Hands will work with its partner providers to help make modifications at home, such as a ramp, or safety bars installed in the bathroom. We have people in the field to provide the funding, materials and time to solve these kinds of issues.”

Accretive Helping Hands’ mission is to partner with healthcare and social service providers to jointly identify patients and their families and assist these individuals in a way that extends beyond the episode of care. The not-for-profit organization has established an active board that leads Accretive Health employees in their ongoing volunteer efforts.

“It’s important to establish a culture of giving in the workplace,” added Bhavna Deole, an Accretive Health manager and a member of Accretive Helping Hands’ Board. “Whether we are volunteering time, money, or resources, we are committed to giving back. To that end, we have established an employee-led board that is not only looking for other partnerships within the Chicago area, but expanding our charitable commitment to all the cities where we have employees partnering with clients.”

Accretive Helping Hands regional committees have been established at many Accretive Health locations across the country with young leaders stepping into regional representative roles. Employees donate money, time, or airline miles.

“At Accretive Health, we are taking a very grass roots approach to our volunteer work,” Hartemayer added. “We have the people in place across the country and we are looking forward to another year of assisting patients in the communities where they live and work.”

About Accretive Helping Hands
Accretive Helping Hands is a non-profit organization (501(c)(3)) whose mission is to partner with healthcare and social service providers to jointly identify patients and their families and assist these individuals in a way that extends beyond the episode of care. Those wishing to make a donation to Accretive Helping Hands can email the charity at

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