"How Prosperity Returns" 2014 by Dr Joseph S Maresca on Amazon/Kindle

"How Prosperity Returns" by Dr. Joseph S. Maresca explains unique strategies for restoring prosperity in America since the '08 crash and Great Recession.

Bronxville, NY, September 19, 2014 --(PR.com)-- "How Prosperity Returns" by Dr. Joseph S Maresca traces the American experience from the crash of 1929 through the post-World War II recovery with parallels to the Great Recession of 2008 and the current efforts to return to prosperity. There are some important parallels with asset bubbles, stock market
excesses and regulatory loopholes.

Dr. Joseph S Maresca goes on to explain how the new technologies of this century will set the stage for greater economic activity and productivity. Let the adventure into the future begin now.

Dr. Joseph S Maresca is a Hall of Fame Reviewer on Amazon with over 1790+ reviews and 12,200+ votes from readers.To date, he has written 23 books on Amazon/Kindle including such titles as "America's Comparative Advantage," "Remedies For Income Inequality," "Good Governance," "Solar Energy Potential For Desalination Plants," "A Detroit Rebirth," "Immortality Commons," "The Kibbutz Alternative For Workers," "Consumption, Savings and The Public Debt-A Series Of Essays," "College Vibrations" and others.
Dr Joseph S Maresca
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