Riakt Studios Donates Web Site to Local Non-Profit

Indianapolis, IN, October 29, 2007 --(PR.com)-- God Will Make a Way Ministries, a non-profit dedicated to assisting orphaned children around the globe, has renamed its organization to better fit its role in international philanthropy. A new web site at forgottenchildren.org has been donated by Riakt Studios (riaktstudios.com) in light of the name change and the organization's recent accomplishments.

The organization, newly renamed Forgotten Children International, was founded in 1999, and since then has aided poverty stricken children around the globe. In summer 2007 alone, the organization was responsible for the shipment of 20,000 pounds of clothing to multiple orphanages in Poltava, Ukraine. Another 20,000 pound shipment was directed to Hubli, India. In addition, the organization has recently awarded a $15,000 housing grant to a ministry in Eldoret, Kenya.

The organization's seemingly exponential growth stems from what was once a 6' by 14' closet. Now shipments are arranged via 40-foot containers which send nearly 800 boxes of clothing per shipment.

Physical growth is only one dimension in which the organization has expanded. Its new web site at forgottenchildren.org utilizes the latest in web technology to keep the non-profit organization free of costly web maintenance issues.

"New technology in web development has really streamlined the process for non-profit sites, as well as others," said Josh Mitchell of Riakt Studios. Riakt is located in Indianapolis, IN and donated the site to Forgotten Children International.

Riakt donated design services which utilize CSS, or cascading style sheets, for the Forgotten Children web launch. CSS is a relatively new web technology which allows a more rapid deployment of design changes to a web site. In short, CSS reduces the necessary steps needed to revamp a site already designed using its properties. Where web sites once had to be developed and edited page by page, CSS allows web designers to code the design of a web site once, and apply it across the entire site's structural content, saving resources for those organizations wanting to revamp their sites in the future. Sites using CSS also allow for designers to sidestep troublesome issues in compatibility between different internet browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Netscape, Safari, etc.)

"Sites built using CSS technologies are very efficient in their execution overall. Many of the issues in maintaining graphically intense pages are gone, so organizations like Forgotten Children International can focus on their strengths, rather than worrying about when their web site is going to become obsolete." said Mitchell.

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Brian Conradt