AST Enzymes is Introducing Their Highly Anticipated Fat Digestion Product: Lipase HP Plus

Chino, CA, September 20, 2014 --( AST Enzymes is proud to announce the launch of Lipase HP Plus, a powerful digestive enzyme and antioxidant blend expertly designed for the digestion of fats. This powerful formula includes amylase, protease, amla, bovine (ox bile), and one of the highest lipase content on the market. AST Enzymes’ lipase product is unrivaled by competitors due to their carefully constructed ingredients. Each ingredient of Lipase HP Plus works synergistically to promote the optimal fat digestion and allowing people to finally eat what they truly enjoy without the repercussions of digestive issues, bloating, and even excessive weight gain.

What are your favorite foods? Chances are that your favorite foods are not exactly the healthiest and more than likely, they’re high in fats. Who doesn’t love to eat? As Americans, we love to indulge and find joy in the foods we eat. However, as we age, our favorite foods seem to disagree with our bodies, particularly our digestive system. After consuming foods that are high in fats, we often experience digestive issues and weight gain. Fats that we consume are intended to be broken down into small droplets by bile in preparation for lipase to digest into molecules that our body can use. Fats are essential in our diet; however, without the proper digestion and absorption of these fats, our bodies begin to physically suffer.

Unlike other products of its kind, Lipase HP Plus includes bovine (bile) as an emulsifier and amla as an antioxidant. “The emulsification of fats normally occurs in our bodies prior to the digestion of them and without this crucial process, fats would remain difficult to digest, thus rendering digestive enzymes, such as lipase, useless,” says Luis Giraldy, AST Enzymes’ director of sales. When fats are digested in the stomach, they are converted to large globular molecules of fat called triglycerides that require emulsification by bile that is produced in the liver and stored in the gallbladder. To simulate the emulsification process, bovine (bile) was added to the Lipase HP Plus to ensure the efficacy of these powerful lipases. The emulsification of fats creates more surface area on fat molecules to allow lipase to work more efficiently. Amla is derived from the gooseberry that is generally found in India. Amla has been a fruit used in numerous Asian countries as a dietary and beauty supplement due to its natural weight loss benefits. Research suggests that amla removes toxins from the body to assist with ensuring proper digestion. As the world’s largest manufacturer of the most powerful Serrapeptase available on the market, AST Enzymes remains a leader in systemic and digestive therapy.

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AST Enzymes is a part of the SEB Group USA, a global vertically integrated manufacturer of nutraceutical and industrial enzymes. With manufacturing facilities certified ISO 9001:2000, an award-winning team of scientists and experts, the SEB Group is leading the way in enzyme technology and application. For more information, visit the SEB group of companies: AST Enzymes, Specialty Enzymes & Biochemicals Co., Advanced Enzymes, and Advenza.
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