MYB Integrates Its CRM with VIRTUS Programs for Church

Hendersonville, NC, September 23, 2014 --( MYB is pleased to announce that its customer relationship management system has been integrated for use with the National Catholic Risk Retention Group’s VIRTUS programs. Many religious organizations utilize VIRTUS programs to reduce risk and protect congregants, members, volunteers and employees alike.

With this integration, MYB will be able to work with various religious organizations that utilize VIRTUS programs to conduct screening processes on employees, volunteers, clergy and staff in order to do its part in preventing harm.

VIRTUS was created by National Catholic to attempt to prevent child abuse within the Church. It promotes the best and most effective risk control programs available for religious institutions. VIRTUS programs work toward change within the church community as well as individual behaviors, and include materials to aid in the prevention of child abuse, inappropriate sexual conduct and violence.
MYB has provided services to the Catholic Church since 2000.

VIRTUS’s Expert Consulting Team has helped in the development of programs to combat the issue of child sexual abuse within the church, as well as methods of responding to potential problems before and after they arise.

MYB integrated with VIRTUS Online to strengthen our dedication to providing our dioceses with tools to help them place the best possible candidates; also, to help them preserve another valuable asset: their time.

Virtus is the Latin word for “valor, moral strength, excellence and worth.” MYB aims to utilize these same values in its service quality, and looks forward to the opportunity to assist religious institutions.
Jen Adams