Swan-Matic Extends Product Line with the Bopper

Swan-Matic, a capping machine and accessories company, a division of Automation Devices, Inc., has expanded its product line with a new insert press to cap small bottle and vials.

Erie, PA, September 25, 2014 --(PR.com)-- Automation Devices, Inc.’s (ADI) Swan-Matic Division is featuring a new product, a dropper insert press, “Bopper.” The Bopper, part number C800, is a semi-automatic table top machine that inserts an applicator cap or bulb dropper on a small bottle or vial.

The Bopper features a manual rotor plate design that allows the operator to load, press in the insert and unload simultaneously by simply indexing the rotor plate to the next indent.

“We’ve designed this so that is extremely user-friendly,” says Swan-Matic Project Manager Sean Parker. “The standard height is for bottles up to 6” tall, but the column can be extended if necessary. The Bopper can be configured for a right or left-handed operator,” adds Parker.

“Not only does the dropper insert press eliminate strain and carpel tunnel, it also minimizes the operator’s exposure to the substance being capped,” explains Parker. “We’ve seen a surge in customers asking for semi-automatic cappers for these small applicator and bulb droppers. We are confident this fills the void.”

Swan-Matic is a division of Automation Devices Inc. and provides capping solutions and accessories designed for small to medium production runs to a wide variety of industries. A variety of handheld and bench-top cappers make up this product line along with aluminum driver shells and renewable inserts. For more information visit http://www.swanmatic.com or call 814-474-5561.
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