PrescribeWellness and American Pharmacies Announce Partnership: Bring Tools and Technology to Community Pharmacy to Address Star Ratings

Aliso Viejo, CA, September 25, 2014 --( American Pharmacies, a member-owned buying cooperative for independent pharmacies, announces today their partnership with PrescribeWellness, the SaaS Company with a cloud-based platform that delivers efficient patient communications and other related services to community pharmacists.

The partnership kicks-off this weekend at the American Pharmacies Shareholder Retreat in San Antonio on September 26 & 27.

The innovative technology of PrescribeWellness brings a unique array of patient engagement solutions to the community pharmacist at the click of a button. This data, derived from each pharmacy’s unique database, provides the information and tools for each pharmacy to impact their individual pharmacy Star Ratings.

PrescribeWellness’ software and services are designed to elevate the pharmacist’s role in preventive healthcare services. Their tools make it easier for pharmacies to deliver efficient services such as appointment-based medication delivery, which has been proven to improve a patient’s medication adherence.

“The American healthcare system is shifting its focus from sickness to prevention,” said Al Babbington President and CEO of PrescribeWellness, “so it is critical for independent pharmacies to build patient relationships focused on medication adherence and chronic disease management. PrescribeWellness provides the tools for this.”

“We have a strong focus on educating our partners and their members on ways to improve medication adherence and Star Ratings. Together, we are going to empower their members to advance the role of community pharmacists,” said Tony Thuyen, Co-Founder of PrescribeWellness. “PrescribeWellness gives these pharmacies that ability.”

About American Pharmacies
American Pharmacies is a multi-state, member-owned buying cooperative for independent pharmacies that is based in Corpus Christi, Texas. Founded in 2002, APRx is a leading political and legal advocate for members in Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Missouri, Mississippi and Tennessee. For more information, please visit

About PrescribeWellness
PrescribeWellness proprietary cloud-based platform is designed to educate and inspire better health. The platform empowers pharmacies and other healthcare professionals to provide more effective, preventive healthcare services, which improve medication adherence, chronic disease management, transitional care and population health. With data integration and behavioral science at the foundation, PrescribeWellness software solutions position the pharmacist at the center of community healthcare prevention. For more information please visit our website or email
Julie Kartrude