HAGA Blog to Feature Articles by Expert Health Food Personality Dr. Mercola

Carson City, NV, September 27, 2014 --(PR.com)-- Home and Garden America recently announced that they will begin uploading reprinted articles from world renowned organic food expert and proponent, Dr. Mercola. Dr. Mercola is known for his honest and sometimes, blunt criticism of the way the world is being led away from wholesome, organic food into the perils of genetically modified organisms (GMO's) and the unknown consequences of going in that direction.

"We have long noted the excellent work that Dr. Mercola has done in trying to educate the public on the ways to a healthier, happier life through proper nutrition and we want to make that information available to as many people as we can to help him spread the word. One of the best ways we can do that is by reprinting articles, from time to time, on our blog so that our readers can benefit from his expertise," said a Home and Garden America company spokesperson.

"We feel that the average person isn't very aware of the depleted soil conditions in this country and the devastating effects that can have on the human body. Add to that the race to modify the genetics of everything we eat and there is a severe danger of the general population suffering grave consequences to their health and longevity," he said.

Some of the information that will be available in the articles include:

1. The benefit of walking barefoot on the earth
2. The benefit of connecting with nature
3. Benefits to the environment
4. Adding bio diversity to the planet

Studies have shown a direct correlation between a closeness to the earth and the effects is has on mental well-being, physical health and pain relief, just some of the many benefits that organic gardeners enjoy.

Many people have found this connection without even having a yard in which to garden. They accomplish this through rooftop gardens, vertical gardening and other methods that require very little square footage to raise a very prolific garden capable of feeding them very well.
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Chuck Harmon