HAGA Launches 2nd Survival Seeds Vault Giveaway W\with DIY Idea Center

Home and Garden America collaborates once again with DIY Idea Center to give away a complete survival seeds vault containing 105 heirloom varieties. - June 16, 2017

HAGA Teams Up with DIY Idea Center for a Survival Seeds Vault Giveaway

Home and Garden America is giving away a Complete Survival Seeds Vault this April, which will be hosted by DIY Idea Center. - April 07, 2017

Home and Garden America Gets Featured on Backyard Boss’ Social Sites

Home and Garden America received a generous feature on Backyard Boss’ Facebook and Twitter accounts. - November 19, 2016

Grow For It Shows Brisk Sales with Survival Seeds Vault on Amazon.com

Grow For It has been getting a lot of praise lately for the successful release of its survival seeds vault on Amazon.com. The introduction of this new product has impressed several customers, which led to the significant increase in the company's sales. "We are absolutely overwhelmed by these... - March 17, 2016

Grow For It Has Released New Survival Seeds Vault on Amazon.com

An official representative for Grow For It has revealed that the company's much-anticipated survival seeds vault is now available on Amazon.com starting from today. The announcement was made early this morning and served as a welcome surprise for many of Grow For It's customers. "Today, we... - March 17, 2016

Grow for It to Debut Survival Seeds Vault on Amazon.com

Home and Garden America's official brand, Grow For It, released an announcement today regarding the debut of another product. - March 10, 2016

Great Results for Newly Released Grow for It Survival Seeds Vault

Just one week after its official launching, Grow For It's survival seeds vault has already captured the attention of many customers on Amazon.com. - March 10, 2016

Grow for It to Release New Survival Seeds Vault Soon

Grow For It, the official brand name for Home and Garden America's gardening products, has confirmed that its new survival seeds vault will soon be made available online. A spokesperson for the company released a statement today regarding the status of the upcoming product: "We are now at the... - March 02, 2016

Home And Garden America CEO Invites Customers to Register Their Iron-Clad Satisfaction Warranty

Home and Garden America, producer of the best-selling 50 Varieties Survival Seeds Pack and the 105 Varieties Complete Survival Seeds Vault on Amazon.com, has recently released a special satisfaction warranty that is available to all valued customers. The said satisfaction warranty offers instant... - March 02, 2016

Just Released: Home and Garden America’s Heirloom Vegetable Seeds Pack Exceeds 400 Amazon Reviews

A representative from HAGA officially confirmed today that the seed company now has over 400 customer reviews on the famous retail website Amazon.com. - February 12, 2016

Conscious Impact Organization Uses HAGA’s Heirloom Seeds Kit for Its Greenhouse Project in Nepal

As a long-time advocate for organic gardening and sustainable living, Home and Garden America is humbled that the Conscious Impact organization is planting the brand’s heirloom seeds in their newly built greenhouse in Takure, Sindhupalchok, Nepal. Conscious Impact is a non-profit... - February 12, 2016

HAGA’s Iron-Clad Satisfaction Warranty Now Available to Valued Customers

Home and Garden America (HAGA) has just released a special iron-clad satisfaction warranty on its 50 Varieties and 105 Varieties Survival Seeds Packs. A customer becomes automatically eligible for the said warranty when they purchase any of HAGA’s survival seeds packs at Amazon.com or on the... - January 23, 2016

Just Released: Bloggers Pick HAGA Emergency Seed Pack for Their Doomsday Supplies

Home and Garden America's heirloom seeds pack has been getting praises from popular online bloggers lately. - January 23, 2016

Online Blogger Shares Her Personal Experience with Life Glow Biotin 5000 Mcg

Debbie Tom, a notable online blogger, recently reviewed Life Glow Biotin 5000 mcg on the Heartbeats Soul Stain website. Her written account details her personal experience with the product and how it has helped improve her hair, skin and nails. "I often take biotin to make sure that I always... - January 23, 2016

Life Glow Products Expert Reacts to Dr. Mercola’s Article on Turmeric Health Benefits

An article published by Dr. Joseph Mercola on his website has recently caught the attention of an expert at Life Glow Products. - January 21, 2016

HAGA Reveals How to Wash Produce with Baking Soda and Vinegar

Washing fruits and vegetables properly is just as important as eating them. After all, it would be quite useless to eat healthy foods if they are not thoroughly cleaned first. Traces of pesticide, dirt and dust might still be present on the surface of the produce, which could lead to germ infection... - December 06, 2015

New HAGA Blog Post Talks About the 15 Most Shade-Tolerant Plants

Living in a not-so-sunny area may sometimes be a gardening disadvantage because it puts a limit on the type of plants that can be grown. But gardeners who live in these places should not easily be discouraged. The best way to make the most of this situation is to choose shade-tolerant plants that... - December 06, 2015

HAGA’s 105 Varieties Heirloom Emergency Seeds Highly Recommended for Survival Gardeners

Nowadays, more and more households are getting into survival gardening. For survival gardeners, the occurrence of an unexpected disaster that leads to food shortage is highly possible. Because of this, many survival households are now using heirloom emergency seeds to grow nutritious food so they... - October 24, 2015

Life Glow Probiotics Bring Natural Relief to People with Stomach Issues

Nowadays, more and more people are searching for natural ways to treat various digestive problems. So instead of buying over-the-counter medications that could pose side effects, health-conscious consumers are now leaning towards Life Glow Probiotics 60 Count for natural stomach relief. "As... - October 17, 2015

Life Glow Turmeric Extract Supplements Rated 4.9 Out of 5 Stars on Amazon

A company spokesperson revealed earlier today that Life Glow Turmeric Extract Supplements have successfully achieved a high rating on Amazon.com. In fact, the herbal supplements have now garnered 4.9 out of 5 stars on the popular retail website. Since its official release in June 2015, Life Glow... - October 15, 2015

Customers Commend Life Glow Turmeric Supplement for Relieving Joint Pain Without Side Effects

Joint inflammation is a common condition that affects many adults today. It can cause great discomfort and pain especially around the knee area. Unfortunately for the millions of affected individuals around the world, a definite cure for inflammation still hasn't been discovered until now. However,... - October 15, 2015

HAGA 105 Varieties Survival Seeds Are a Worthwhile Addition to One’s Emergency Kit, Says Blogger

A resident blogger at DorkysDeals.com recently reviewed Home and Garden America's 105 Varieties Survival Seeds. After receiving the product, she has realized that this complete survival seeds pack is actually a smart addition to her emergency kit. While she already has a basic emergency kit at... - October 15, 2015

Blogger Recommends Setting Up a Disaster Survival Box Using HAGA’s Heirloom Seeds Pack

The practicality of Home and Garden America's heirloom seeds pack continues to impress many people today, especially top bloggers online. One particular blogger from BoxRoundup.com has immediately decided to set up a disaster survival box after hearing about HAGA’s heirloom seeds. This... - October 07, 2015

HAGA Heirloom Seed Kits Now Have Over 375 Customer Reviews on Amazon.com

Home and Garden America (HAGA) has recently exceeded the 375-review mark for its popular heirloom seed kits on Amazon.com. This milestone came as good news especially for Chuck Harmon, HAGA's CEO and Founder. "Here at Home and Garden America, we have the old-fashioned idea that our customers... - October 01, 2015

Product Reviewers Recommend Life Glow Biotin 5000 Mcg for Healthy Immunity

Life Glow Products has recently been getting more reception from product reviewers online because of its latest biotin supplement. - October 01, 2015

HAGA Introduces Its Official Instagram Page Called The Happy Gardening Life

Home and Garden America (HAGA) has always been enthusiastic when it comes to connecting with its target audience. - September 16, 2015

Top Bloggers Are Impressed by HAGA’s 105 Varieties Non GMO Heirloom Seeds Pack

Home and Garden America (HAGA) has been capturing the attention of many online bloggers these days. The seed company's best-selling product, the 105 Varieties Complete Survival Seeds Pack, has left a deep impression with top bloggers who have tried the heirloom survival seeds themselves. "I... - September 11, 2015

HAGA's Heirloom Seeds Offer 4 Good Features That Make Them Worth Buying

More and more vegetable gardeners and survival preppers are ordering Home and Garden America’s 105 Varieties Heirloom Seeds Pack—and it is easy to see why. This particular product presents four features that make it practical for both home gardening and survival preparedness. The first... - September 10, 2015

Customers Find That HAGA's Non-GMO Survival Seeds Are Also Suitable as Party Favors

Home and Garden America's best-selling non-GMO survival seeds have found yet another special use. Aside for vegetable gardening and emergency preparedness, Amazon customers have discovered that the seeds are also suitable as party favors. The 105 Varieties Complete Survival Seeds Pack, in... - September 01, 2015

HAGA’s 105 Varieties Non-GMO Seeds Pack Praised for Its Interesting Heirloom Varieties

Home and Garden America's 105 Varieties Non-GMO Seeds Pack has been getting more attention for containing lots of interesting seed varieties. Amazon customers are impressed by the 19,635 seed count because it provides them with a steady supply for home gardening as well as doomsday prepping. Aside... - September 01, 2015

Home and Garden America Survival Seeds Exceed 350 Reviews on Amazon.com

Home and Garden America (HAGA) has fulfilled yet another milestone on Amazon.com. HAGA’s complete heirloom seeds survival pack has now reached over 350 Amazon customer reviews. A spokesperson for the company made the announcement earlier today. "We are delighted to announce that our... - August 12, 2015

New HAGA Video Unveils The Best Choice Between GMO, Hybrid & Heirloom Seeds

Home and Garden America (HAGA) has just added a new video to its heirloom seeds video series on YouTube. The latest upload talks about the three most popular seed types and the differences between them. A close comparison of GMO seeds, hybrid seeds, and heirloom seeds were made in order to... - July 22, 2015

Home and Garden America Facebook Fan Page Gets 25,000 Likes

Home and Garden America is pleased to announce that its Facebook page has now garnered over 25,000 fans worldwide. - July 13, 2015

Customers Praise the Diversity of HAGA’s 105 Varieties Heirloom Seed Bank

More customers of Home and Garden America's 105 Varieties Heirloom Seed Bank have recently expressed their impressions on the product. Many have commended the company for providing a wider range of vegetable seeds. With a count of over 19,635 seeds, this heirloom seed bank lets gardeners grow... - July 11, 2015

HAGA Offers a Personalized Vegetable Growing Cheat Sheet for Gardeners

A representative revealed earlier today that Home and Garden America is now offering a free vegetable growing cheat sheet on the company website. - July 11, 2015

HAGA Uploads New Presentation About the Negative Effects of GMO Crops

Over the past couple of years, several attempts have been made to stop the prevalence of genetic modification in the food industry. But in spite of all these campaigns, genetically-engineered crops seem to be thriving even more. The perils have already been exposed by scientific experts, yet GMOs... - June 21, 2015

Home And Garden America Shares the Best Seed Storage Tips on SlideShare

Home and Garden America (HAGA) has been active in the organic gardening industry since 2012. With its vast experience with organic garden seeds, the company was able to determine the best storage methods that will make seeds last for years. Storing seeds offers several advantages, such as helping... - June 06, 2015

HAGA’s New YouTube Video Reveals Top 3 Storage Tips for Heritage Seeds

Home and Garden America has just released a new video on its official YouTube channel. - June 06, 2015

HAGA’s I Love Organic Gardens Page Attracts 20,000 Fans

Home and Garden America (HAGA) is happy to announce that its Facebook gardening page has now attracted over 20,000 fans worldwide. I Love Organic Gardens, as this online community for gardeners is called, has achieved this feat in a short amount of time. HAGA attributes this success to the... - June 04, 2015

HAGA Discusses the Value of Heirloom Seed Saving for Emergency Preparedness

The recent string of calamities that are affecting different parts of the world are now becoming a huge concern for many families. Major droughts, earthquakes and flash floods used to occur just a few times within a decade, but these days, they are more frequent than ever. Since it's difficult to... - June 02, 2015

Charles C Harmon Co LLC Releases New Product Images on Amazon.com

Charles C Harmon Co LLC, Home and Garden America's parent company, published a statement earlier today to announce the release of its new product images. The images showcase the company's best-selling consumer goods such as the 50 Varieties Heirloom Organic Vegetable Seeds Pack, Turmeric Root... - May 24, 2015

HAGA's Facebook Gardening Page Reaches 18,000 Fans

Home and Garden America's official Facebook fan page, called I Love Organic Gardening (ILOG), has now successfully attracted more than 18,000 fans. - May 24, 2015

HAGA's Heirloom Vegetable Garden Survival Seed Packs Surpass 300 Reviews on Amazon

A company spokesman is proud to reveal that Home and Garden America (HAGA) has now exceeded 300 reviews on Amazon.com. - May 20, 2015

HAGA Releases Heirloom Seeds Survival Video on YouTube

The devastating disasters that have occurred over the past few years are definitely a major concern for many households all over the world. - May 20, 2015

New HAGA Video Exposes the Effects of GMO Foods on Children’s Health

Home and Garden America (HAGA) made an announcement today about the release of a new video on YouTube. - May 10, 2015

HAGA Reveals 2 Essential Skills Needed to Store Prepper Seeds Properly

A spokesman for Home and Garden America recently shared two important skills that all survivalists should learn when it comes to storing their prepper seeds for emergency situations. Proper seed storage plays a major role in survival gardening, and should be included in any household's survival... - May 03, 2015

HAGA’s Official Facebook Page Surpasses 14,000 Likes

Home and Garden America, an heirloom survival seed vault supplier in Nevada, has just exceeded 14,000 likes on its official fan page. - April 23, 2015

HAGA’s Heirloom Seed Packs Gain Over 280 Reviews on Amazon.com

Home and Garden America (HAGA), a top-selling organic seed seller, has recently attained yet another important milestone online. - April 19, 2015

HAGA Customers Share Valuable Gardening Tips to Fellow Organic Gardeners

Ever since Home and Garden America's Q&A section has been opened on Amazon.com, more and more of the company's customers have been visiting the discussion board to assist their fellow organic gardeners. - April 14, 2015

Great Customer Q&A Participation Overwhelms HAGA CEO

Home and Garden America's Q&A board on Amazon.com has seen plenty of customer activity lately. Chuck Harmon, the seed company's Founder and CEO, cannot help but be overwhelmed by the positive response from the public. He is extremely impressed by the eagerness of his customers to answer... - April 13, 2015

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