Dream Yoga Mats Partners with TJX Companies in US, Canada, and Europe to Reach the Global Market

Dream Yoga Mats, Aspen Colorado's own designer of custom yoga, Pilates, and general exercise mats, is launching its line of custom designed mats with TJX Companies in the US, Canada, and Europe. TJX is one of the largest fashion apparel retailers in the world, comprised of TJ Maxx, Marshals, Winners, and others. Finally, richly designed exercise mats available the world over.

Aspen, CO, September 28, 2014 --(PR.com)-- TJX Companies will now have the privilege of carrying a line of customized exercise mats envisioned by Aspen, CO local Nicole Tarumianz and her company, Dream Yoga Mats. Born in the shadow of the rugged Elk mountain range, Dream Yoga Mats has created an inspired line of custom embroidered mats that express and enhance each individuals practice. Dream has partnered with TJX to offer custom exercise mats throughout the world. The mats offer superior cushioning, high-performance non-slip surface, and eco-conscious materials. Latex and rubber-free foam, combined with phthalate-free inks and dyes will provide a healthy environment in which to seek inner and outer purity. Dream Yoga Mats are extra thick and long for ideal comfort, equally effective in a bamboo studio or the comfort of your own home.

As yoga, Pilates, and other mat exercises continue to grow in popularity, the corresponding marketplace has grown in-sync. Customized products have also grown in popularity, and while many retailers have focused on apparel, few have offered custom mats and accessories. With the new partnership between Dream Yoga Mats and TJX, this is destined to change. Uniquely creative mats inspired by the minds at Dream will now be available across the globe for use by discerning yogis. With the fusion of creativity and availability now set, practitioners around the world will be able to easily reflect their own inner inspiration with a personal mat tailored to their motivations.

Your practice is as unique as you are. As you seek enlightenment through perfection of the asanas, let your mat express both your passion and poise. Your take on body positions, breathing, and flow is different from your neighbor in the studio. As you gaze towards your mat for some much-needed rest and reflection in downward dog, feel confidence and calm wash over your being and be filled with satisfaction in your personalized mat space. The custom embroidery of your mat is a perfect focal point for your deepest concentration; let it guide you toward strength, inspiration, or simply a beautiful moment in your day. Your mat is a personal zone of meditation enabling creativity – your experience is unique, don't let it be the same as all the others in the studio.

Dream Yoga Mats offers 12 vibrant colors combined with custom embroidery including the lotus flower, Om symbol, sunburst, tree of life, inspirational words, and more providing a vast array of potential combinations to reflect your being. From Asian-inspired symbols to chic dragonflies and peace signs, new designs will be continually added. No matter what choices you make to accessorize your practice, be continually motivated and replenished in your surroundings. As a practitioner you seek to improve your well being. Let your custom mat be a lucid window to the healthy beauty you feel internally.

A healthy practice begins with feeling confidence within. As you approach your practice, get in touch with the source of your inspiration and focus clearly on your intentions. Some days this may easy, others difficult, but it begins with a period of reflection. Let your chosen mat guide you comfortably and safely on a path to improvement. Dream of downward dog, wonder in warrior pose, and shine in shavasana on your vibrant custom mat from Dream Yoga Mats and TJX.
Dream Yoga Mats
Vincent Jordan