Hot Tubs Kerrville, Dealer Publishes Tips for National Healthy Aging Month

Portable Spas, Swim Spa, and Sauna Dealer Shares “The Top Three Tips for National Healthy Aging Month.” Offers Free Hot Tub and Swim Spa Test Soaks to Local Residents.

San Marcos, TX, September 28, 2014 --( Sweetwater Hot Tubz of San Antonio, TX, selling swim spas, hot tubs and portable spas shares advice for National Health Aging Month by sharing “The Top Three Tips for National Healthy Aging Month.”

“Staying healthy and aging gracefully are not just issues for the elderly. The sooner we start paying attention to the damage that time does to our bodies, the better off we are as we get to our golden years,” said Wanda Hild of Sweetwater Hot Tubz.

“Starting off early with a few minutes a day spent taking care of our overall health will allow us to enjoy our lives more fully at all stages of life.” Here are the top three tips for healthy aging:

Stay Hydrated for Better Health – Very few things have the overall health benefits of water. According to a study by Beverage Digest, Americans are choosing to ditch sodas in favor of water on a much higher average than in the last decade. However, the balance is still tipped to the wrong side. The average person may be drinking about 38 percent more water than over a decade ago, but still tends to drink far more soda, coffee, tea and other liquids than plain, refreshing water.

Drinking plain water improves circulation, oxygenation, and complexion, promotes weight loss, and gives the immune system a boost. Water is a powerful tool to keep the body running smoothly. It helps keep bowel functions working properly, cleans out the kidneys and removes toxins from the body. Our bodies are made up of close to 70% water and our brains are 90% water. Keeping our bodies working properly means drinking plenty of water.

Ditch Unhealthy Habits - When it comes to unhealthy habits that have a serious impact on our bodies as we age, nothing is as serious as smoking. People who have never smoked have the biggest advantage as they age, but even people who have smoked heavily for years can enjoy the benefits of quitting that include cessation of damage as well as reversal of many smoke related issues.

Almost from the very moment we quit smoking, our bodies experience the change for the better. According to the Center for Disease Control, a smoker’s heart rate begins to return to a normal rate just 20 minutes after quitting. Within a mere 2 hours, heart rate and blood pressure levels are all close to normal rates. That means better circulation for all internal organs, and a decrease in heart related issues due to smoking. It will take time to reverse damage done to lungs and other organs from a long-term habit, but it will happen, and every year spent not smoking improves health and increases the body’s ability to age healthier.

Soothe the Body Inside and Out with Hydro Therapy – Stress is not just a malady of the aged. People of all ages from childhood to seniors are prone to stress related health conditions, especially in today’s high-paced, high-tension lifestyle. The effects of stress can range from headaches to emotional distress and as serious as cardiac disease and premature death.

The most important thing about stress is all of the issues related to it are entirely preventable. Providing the right atmosphere so that everyone in the household has the ability to de-stress every day is an important way to age healthier.

A hot tub added to the home is a great way to give a home the perfect relaxation spot. Using hot water therapy to sooth tired muscles and jangled nerves is an ancient tradition. From the hot springs of ancient Egypt to the high-tech massage jets of today, hot tub therapies are well-known for giving anyone the ability to distress and relax.

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