SV Microwave Released a New Catalog for Their Millimeter Wave Connector Series

West Palm Beach, FL, September 28, 2014 --( SV Microwave released a new Catalog for their Millimeter Wave connector series. SV Microwave's high frequency millimeter wave product line has the precision, quality and performance needed for the millimeter wave spectrum through 67 GHz. Products include 2.92 mm, 2.4 mm and 1.85 mm and are available as connectors, terminations, attenuators, cable assemblies and customized solutions.

These parts are ideal for applications requiring high frequency transmission in the high speed digital, test and measurement, instrumentation, and SATCOM markets.

2.92 mm Interface at a Glance:

The 2.92 mm connector was developed for use to 40 GHz. The male pin is shorter than that of an SMA or 3.5 mm to ensure that the outer contacts of the male and female connectors engage before the pin and female receptacle do. This ensures that the pin and socket will not see excessive wear and mating stress seen by misalignment in an SMA or 3.5 mm connector. The 2.92 mm connector also has a thicker wall than a standard SMA. The 2.92 mm series mates with SMA and 3.5 mm connectors.

2.4 mm Interface at a Glance:
The 2.4 mm connector was developed for use to 50 GHz. This connector series uses a thick outer wall to eliminate the fragility seen in SMA and 2.92 mm connectors. The female socket is also strengthened to ensure reliable mating. The 2.4 mm series mates with SMA, 3.5 mm and 2.92 mm connectors with adapters and can mate with the 1.85 mm series without adapters.

1.85 mm Interface at a Glance:
The 1.85 mm connector was designed for mode free operation through 65 GHz. The interface uses a mostly airdielectric with a support bead that is set back in the body of the connector to reduce bead interaction in a mated pair. Like the 2.92 mm and 2.4 mm connector, the body has been designed to ensure that the outer conductors engage before the center conductors make contact. The 1.85 mm interface uses an M7 thread and is compatible only with the 2.4 mm interface. SV Microwave supplies adapters to mate 1.85 mm connectors to SMA and 2.92 mm connectors.
SV Microwave
Kelley Nall