Chicago’s First FIGHT2FEED Mission to #DoSomething and Feed It Forward

Local Volunteers Come Together to Make a Difference in Hunger in Our Chicago Neighborhoods

Chicago, IL, September 30, 2014 --( On Columbus Day, Monday, October 13, 2014, CULINARY Fight Club and FIGHT2FEED will bring talented local culinary volunteers together at the Hard Rock Café, 63 W Ontario, Chicago, IL at 4:00 am to lend their culinary skills and experience to make 500 breakfast sandwiches that will be passed out to our hungry Chicago community friends in Wilson Park and Montrose Park, 4400 N Lakeshore Drive, Chicago, IL.

"In Illinois our annual meal gap is 320 million meals and 57% of people struggling with hunger actually have incomes above the federal poverty levels. With 1 in 6 people struggling daily to find their next meal, it is FIGHT2FEED and CULINARY Fight Club's mission to fight hunger one block at a time in our own neighborhoods. We are starting by providing breakfast to over 500 hungry Chicagoans through our FIGHT2FEED Monday Program on Monday, October 13th at Wilson and Montrose Park," said Jiwon McCartney, Founder, CULINARY Fight Club and FIGHT2FEED.

The mission of the day will include cooking at the Hard Rock Café Chicago from 4 am – 6 am. Armed with two food trucks that have been donated from a local food truck business, the CULINARY Fight Club and FIGHT2FEED volunteers will drive north to Wilson and Montrose Park to distribute breakfast at 6 am. Volunteers will be canvasing the area to feed those in need of a good breakfast and promoting the FIGHT2FEED mission.

Founded in January 2014, FIGHT2FEED, a 501C3 organization, seeks to make change happen against staggering numbers that 1 of every 6 Chicagoans in Cook County face hunger every day. The primary mission is to make a difference by changing the rise of food insecure communities starting with Chicago’s very own neighborhoods by fighting hunger one block at a time. The local group emerged from a community of talented culinary artists who come together every month to compete in a live cooking competition called TasteBudChallenge. The community called CULINARY Fight Club shares the passion to #DoSomething in Chicago. The group started in 2013 with 26 culinary talented do-gooders and today the community is 250 people strong.

To join this mission and support the cause from volunteering to donations, contact Jiwon McCartney
Jiwon McCartney
#175 825 South Waukegan Road A8
Lake Forest, Illinois