Catster Recognized for Excellence in Writing and Content by Cat Writers’ Association

The Popular Online Cat Magazine is Honored with 18 Certificate of Excellence Awards for 2014 and Will Vie for the Prestigious Muse Medallion at the Upcoming Annual Conference

Irvine, CA, October 03, 2014 --(, one of the Internet’s earliest hubs for cat lovers, was recently presented with an impressive 18 Cat Writers’ Association (CWA) 2014 Certificate of Excellence Awards. The winners are now eligible to earn the prestigious Muse Medallion in their individual categories. Muse Medallion winners will be announced at the upcoming National Pet Media Conference and Expo (affectionately named “Meow World”), taking place on October 30 – November 1, 2014 in Atlanta, Georgia.

The CWA is a journalism organization encouraging professionalism among cat writers, photographers, artists, and broadcasters. The CWA meets once a year at an exclusive awards dinner to recognize excellence in over 40 categories. Out of each category, one will be given top honors by being awarded the much-coveted Muse Medallion.

“Cats own the Internet, and it’s a big place, so it’s a huge honor to be told your publication has some of the best cat writing out there,” says Janine Kahn, editor-in-chief of “The fact that we get to write and edit articles about cats and call it work is its own reward – having the efforts of our incredible writers and editors acknowledged this way is gravy.”

With these 18 awards, the CWA recognizes Catster’s ongoing commitment to excellence in writing and content, as well as the publication’s way of channeling and celebrating the feline spirit. Averaging one million unique visitors a month, attracts a varied audience of cat lovers offering news and information by way of creative storytelling with a flair for humor.

Catster’s writers and editors have been presented with the CWA 2014 Certificate of Excellence award for their work in the following categories:
· Online Magazine or Newsletter – Vicky Walker, Managing Editor
· Opinion Piece, Essay, or Editorial –
JaneA Kelley, “I Think Mandatory Spay/Neuter Laws Do More Harm Than Good”
JaneA Kelley, “9 Reasons I’m Adopting Special-Needs Cats from Now On”
Dusty Rainbolt, “When is it Time to Say Goodbye to Your Cat?”
· Online Article: Health & General Care – Dusty Rainbolt, “The Feline Quality of Life Scale”
· Online Article: Behavior & Training –
Marilyn Krieger, “What Do You Do When Your Cat Shows Signs of Senility?”
Marilyn Krieger, “Why do Cats Purr? Some of the Reasons Might Surprise You”
Marilyn Krieger, “How to Stop Litterbox Problems Before They Begin”
Marilyn Krieger, “I’m Willing to Bet Your Cat Hates Her Litter Box – Here’s Why”
Nancy Peterson, “It’s National Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day”
Amy Shojai, “Why Cats Hate Halloween Costumes and How to Get Your Cat to Tolerate One”
· Online Article: Rescue/Advocacy
Dusty Rainbolt, “9 Reasons Why Yours Should Become a Cat Foster Family”
Sandy Robins, “We Chat With Beth Stern About Her Life as a Foster Cat Mom”
Sandy Robins, “Meet the Stray Cats Who Live in Nelson Mandela’s Former Jail”
· Online Article: Any Other Topic
Janiss Garza, “Top-Secret Tips to Get Your Cats to Pose for Your Camera”
Janiss Garza, “5 Totally Legal Ways to Get Your Cat Stoned”
· Online Column
Keith Bowers, “Cat Dandy”
Dusty Rainbolt, “Ask Einstein”

The awards put Catster in the running to win the top-honored Muse Medallion in each of their categories. Each winning category can have has many as 14 other winners in competition for the revered prize. As the only winner in the category for Best Online Magazine or Newsletter, Catster is assured of taking home the Muse Medallion in that category.

“We like to think we’ve created something special at Catster,” adds Kahn. “Our goal is to publish an online magazine that tackles the things cat owners care about with honesty, heart and biting humor. Being recognized by the CWA is such fantastic verification that we’re doing it right.”

CWA Certificate of Excellence winners are judged by CWA professional members and contest committee volunteers. This year’s contest ran from June 16, 2013 to June 15, 2014.

To learn more about the Cat Writers’ Association Certificate of Excellence Awards and banquet, visit their website at For a complete list of the CWA award winners, visit their awards page.

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