’s Konkani Dictionary Project Successfully Completes Two Years of Operations is an online collaboration project, which mainly helps build a Konkani Dictionary. The project is helping build one of the largest Konkani language resource databases. More details can be found at . Pai Solebille Global Services (UK) Ltd actively supports the project financially.

Cambridge, United Kingdom, November 02, 2007 --( Roshan Pai Ramesh helped set up the original site in October 2005. The website aimed to document the Konkani language. This documentation was of course taken up in a very sound and scientific manner. The initial site only had the Konkani Dictionary in it, which helped users to translate Konkani language words into English and vice versa. However over the years various new languages have been supported, including the Konkani - German Dictionary. Additional scripts support for Kannada Script, apart from the default Devanagri scrip has been incorporated. Kannada script support was included to ensure that a vast majority of people in the Kannada speaking areas could use the site as well. Also included are a series of Konkani proverbs, metaphors, idioms and euphemisms.

Since that time there has been a phenomenal growth in the number of people visiting the online project. Two server upgrades have been undertaken to keep up with the increase loads on the software, mainly driven by increasing page views. The English to Konkani translation page still remains the most used feature on the page. Over a period of two years the site has seen hits from over a 100 countries, and averages around 20,000 page views a month.

As a collaborative project, the site has seen a large number of contributors. As of the end of October there were a total of over 50 serious contributors. The steady increase of collaborators has ensured that there is a steady flow of new words being added on a daily basis.

There are steady expansion plans for the Konkani Dictionary Project, as they move into the third year of operations. These include ongoing work on new features for the dictionary.

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