Anderson Thermal Devices Now the Market Leader for Specialty Shaped Infrared Lamps

Hawthorne, NJ-based Anderson Thermal Devices has developed one of the infrared heating marketplace’s leading selections of shaped infrared lamp products.

Hawthorne, NJ, October 16, 2014 --( The company’s catalogue includes “C” shaped, “U” shaped “Omega” and Coil shaped lamps, each designed to resolve a range of industrial processing challenges. The company is also offering clients the benefit of their comprehensive engineering services for the design and manufacture of custom-shaped infrared lamps.

Companies that utilize infrared heat in their process heating applications have come to depend upon infrared process heating products that offer superior efficiency.

Specialty shaped lamps allow products being manufactured, to be heated evenly from all sides or to target the infrared emissions at specific areas of the product being manufactured. Companies that require high performance infrared heating technology in their process heating applications will improve their processing speeds while maximizing their efficiency in terms of energy-use. Working with trusted manufacturers such as Anderson Thermal Devices allows companies to achieve this level of superior productivity within their processing areas.

Anderson Thermal Devices’ full suite of shaped infrared lamp products will respond to the evolving demands in the industrial field. The company’s “C” shaped lamps have been designed with seals that remain outside the heated area. This extends the lamp’s durability and allows companies to reduce their expenditure. Also included within their suite of shaped infrared lamp products is the “U” shaped lamps, which are primarily designed to be used with vacuum chamber applications, where components such as ceramic end caps, connections and metal wires must remain outside the heated space. The long legs of the “U”-shaped lamps make the products the requisite choice for a unique range of vacuum chamber applications. “Omega”-shaped lamps are used to focus heat on beakers, test tubes and other cylindrical products that need precise even heat.

In addition to the company’s standard shaped lamps, they also offer custom-shaping services to meet the requirements of firms with a range of application challenges. To learn more about Anderson Thermal Devices, or arrange for a consultation with a trusted company product expert, please contact their offices directly or visit their business website at
Anderson Thermal Devices Inc.
John McKechnie