Digital Marketing and Communication Agency Arrives in Aveiro

Oakreative – Digital Marketing, Communication and Advertising Agency – arrives in Aveiro with the aim to help companies not to lose any more business opportunities.

Aveiro, Portugal, October 23, 2014 --( Every day we hear about the importance and expansion of digital marketing and social media. So far nothing new – right? Sales and services are being radically redefined by the greatest revolution in the history of media. In a world driven by technology, online content can be targeted to reach and engage buyers, thus replacing the out-dated and dispersed approach to sales and services.

Oakreative – Digital Marketing, Communication and Advertising Agency – arrived in Aveiro to help companies adopt and implement proven strategies and to make an exceptional use of tools that effectively connect them with their clients and make them grow.

As pointed out by Luís Silva, Lead Designer at Oakreative “We have spent the last year helping companies achieve their goals and aligning our services structure with the company’s business model and culture. Now, we decided to launch Oakreative brand, not only to advertise but to help in all points of contact between brands and clients – regardless of the platform or channel.”

Helena Dias, Digital Strategist & Head of Social at Oakreative, adds: “Do you know how many SME’s and Start-ups never have time to look for new clients, respond to potential clients and communicate the company itself? Well, we’ll take care of everything to ensure they will never have to lose any other business opportunity.”

The services the company offers are varied and tailored to the specific needs of each client. Of all the services the company offers, the highlights are the management of social media, branding, digital marketing, content marketing and interactive experiences.

Helena Dias further states that “the change in marketing is not just a change to digital – but a change of the diffusion of messages for creating great experiences that benefit both the clients and the consumers.”

Oakreative is, from today, associated with Ubiwhere, a software company headquartered in Aveiro with seven years of market experience.

As pointed out by Rui A. Costa, CEO at Ubiwhere, "companies from all kinds and sizes are beginning to recognise the value of integrating social media into business processes, but this integration is always (or almost always) very different form company to company, thus Oakreative is betting in this and other areas in order for the companies to better perform and improve their way of communicate."
Helena Dias