Energy Efficient Lighting Solutions at TruLight LED

TruLight LED offers one of a kind reliable and energy efficient lighting solutions for commercial and industrial properties.

Kansas City, MO, October 25, 2014 --( Businesses looking for a revolutionary LED lighting solution must consider TruLight LED. The commercial electric lighting technology employed here assures significant energy efficiency and savings.

The light bulbs are brighter and utilize much less wattage. They come with evenly distributed no-fade light that is cooler, hereby safely touchable, more durable and longer lasting. The industrial outdoor LED lighting and other solutions offered at TruLight guarantee excellent return on investments. Their efficiency levels facilitate 64-85% energy savings allowing businesses to recover their costs within a period of a single year.

"The reduced carbon footprint compared to traditional lighting makes these solutions an ideal inclusion in green business settings. Manufactured using non-toxic materials that are UV and mercury free, the solutions offered at TruLight ensure less wastage and low maintenance," reports the media person.

He continues, "The company works on high moral standards with the understanding that the choices businesses make impact not only people today but even the future generations. The 2nd generation solid state LED light offered by the company is recognized on multiple occasions for its green stewardship."

Among the various things that make the company stand out among its competitors is its impeccable customer service. The team at TruLight is known for its professionalism, proactive and detail oriented approach. "With deep industry knowledge and a practical eye in solution designing, the team is able to provide the ideal plans for your establishments lighting systems. Furthermore, it contributes to helping businesses reduce their carbon footprint in the long run," the manager adds lastly.

The solutions offered at TruLight LED are much more effective that conventional fluorescent lighting, incandescent lighting and other forms of traditional solutions. With a 10 year warranty on the LED elements and a 5 year warranty on workmanship and materials businesses can make sure their investment in no manner is going waste.

TruLight LED offers programmable solutions that ensure efficient use of lighting solutions along with an assurance that the light will not yellow. With products engineered, manufactured and tested within the United States, businesses can make sure that the quality of the solutions received for their industrial and commercial spaces are designed for sustainability, reliability and durability.

About TruLight LED

TruLight LED is a Kansas City based lighting solution provider. With a great reputation among commercial and industrial establishments, the company is known for its energy efficient solutions. To know more, visit


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TruLight LED, Inc.
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