Tigerlily Foundation Secures Mammogram Machine for Liberia

Tigerlily Foundation (Tigerlily) is excited to announce that it has secured a mammogram machine for the John F. Kennedy (JFK) Hospital in Monrovia, Liberia; the first breast cancer digital imaging machine the country will have in over 16 years.

Reston, VA, June 11, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Born in Monrovia, Liberia, Tigerlily’s founder, Maimah Karmo, a one-year breast cancer survivor, is committed to ensuring that the women of Liberia have the proper digital imaging, education and breast cancer treatment. In conjunction with the Cancer Resource Center (CRC) of Finger Lakes of Ithaca, New York (NY), the Paleontological Research Institution (PRI) and Museum of the Earth in Ithaca, NY, and the John F. Kennedy (JFK) Hospital in Monrovia, Tigerlily is proud to announce that the women of Liberia will have a fully-functional, state-of-the art General Electric Senographe 800T Mammography machine.

Ms. Karmo contacted Dr. Robert Dennis, M.D., Chief of Staff at JFK, in July of 2007, to discuss how Tigerlily could facilitate breast health initiatives in Liberia and to assess breast cancer digital imaging needs. Ms. Karmo pledged that Tigerlily would find a machine for her native Liberia.

While attending the National Breast Cancer Coalition’s (NBCC) Project LEAD Program in September 2007, Ms. Karmo shared her vision with Jemila Sequiera, Director of Outreach Services for The Cancer Resource Center of the Finger Lakes. Coincidentally, Ms. Sequiera had seen Ms. Karmo at an NBCC Conference months before. “I saw this young woman walk by me; I was stunned to learn that there were women that young affected by cancer. I wanted to speak with her, but she left before I got a chance. A year later, Ms. Karmo ended up being the very same young woman with whom I shared a room at another NBCC conference”.

Excited by the fortuitous coincidence of their meeting and the prospect of providing life-saving mammography technology to Liberia, Ms. Sequiera promised to work with Ms. Karmo to find a mammogram machine. Ms. Sequeira worked tirelessly to locate one, calling and visiting organizations. On October 18, 2007, she contacted Tigerlily, stating that the Paleontological Research Institution and Museum of the Earth had agreed to donate a mammogram machine.

When Ms. Sequeira contacted Billy Kepner of PRI and Museum of the Earth, Mr. Kepner, already aware of Liberia, having seen Ms. Karmo on Good Morning America, immediately agreed to donate a machine that the Museum had been given by the Elizabeth Wende Breast Clinic, which it had not been able to use. Mr. Kepner had already formed a deep connection with the people of Liberia after watching a taping of Oprah, on which Liberia’s President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf appeared. Ms. Sirleaf is the first elected female president in Africa.

PRI and Museum of the Earth agreed to re-package the machine free of charge, and Mr. Kepner committed to personally transporting the machine to Maryland, for shipment. Working with strategic shipping partners, Dr. Dennis has secured free shipment of the machine.

Jemila Sequeira is Director of Outreach Services for The Cancer Resource Center of the Finger Lakes. She provides information, resources and services to under-represented and under-served members of the community. CRC of the Finger Lakes is a non-profit, community-based cancer support center in Ithaca, New York, which provides a substantial portion of its services through trained volunteers who are survivors. Jemila Sequeira is their Outreach Director. “Tigerlily Foundation is doing outstanding work to help people in the United States and internationally. We are proud to be able to work with Tigerlily Foundation on this initiative”, Jemila Sequiera.

Billy Kepner is the Director of Marketing at PRI and its Museum of the Earth, which is affiliated with Cornell University. PRI is home to one of the largest fossil collections in the country and was founded in 1932 by Gilbert Harris. The Museum contains 8,000 square feet of permanent exhibits, telling the history of the Earth and its life through the geologic record of the northeastern United States. “We’re thrilled that we were able to find a new “home” for this machine where it will be used to help save lives. It was gifted to us by the Elizabeth Wende Breast Clinic in Rochester, New York. Much of the work we do here at PRI is about looking at the past, and how life on earth has changed over millions of years. Today we have the opportunity to help those who need it most and can now look to the future for change”, Billy Kepner.

Robert Dennis, M.D., is Chief of Staff at JFK Hospital in Monrovia, Liberia. “The country of Liberia and the people of Liberia greatly appreciate the work of Tigerlily Foundation, the Paleontological Research Institution and Museum of the Earth, and Cancer Resource Center of Finger Lakes”, Dr. Robert Dennis, M.D. Dr. Dennis is an alumnus of Cornell University.

Maimah Karmo is the President and Founder of Tigerlily Foundation, a breast cancer foundation dedicated to educating, advocating and empowering those affected by breast cancer. Ms. Karmo founded Tigerlily while going through her second round of chemotherapy in the summer of 2006. “Tigerlily Foundation is very excited to be able to provide the people of Liberia with this much needed mammography machine. We thank Ms. Sequiera and the Cancer Resource Center, and Mr. Kepner and PRI and its Museum of the Earth. We are dedicated to increasing breast cancer awareness and health through our programs. We look forward to working with the John F. Kennedy Hospital to stand up a breast cancer facility. Your donations, sponsorships and fundraising events are what sustain Tigerlily Foundation. Please visit their website to learn more about Tigerlily Foundation, how you can help, and how to donate or sponsor their programs.

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