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We Buy Used Tape

We Buy Used Tape Addresses Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) Compliance and Storage Media

Due to companies increasing concerns over Sarbanes Oxley compliance Webuyusedtape.net has created solutions for companies that will allow them to easily conform to the law. We Buy Used Tape and its parent company DTC Computer supplies offer services such as media destruction, data encryption machines and degaussing services that can be done either at your business or ours and provide all of the proper documents for your compliance auditors. There are two key areas of SOX that we have addressed.

Ranch Cucamonga, CA, January 24, 2006 --(PR.com)-- When a company undergoes a major equipment overhaul they may be faced with an enormous amount of data that they need to destroy. This may include any of hundreds of types of magnetic data tape, optical disks, Magnetic storage devices and so forth. To comply with Sarbanes Oxley act the company must fully document and record the path of this data. Webuyusedtape offers a full range of media destruction services, from on-site degaussing of magnetic storage media to physical destruction of drives and tapes. We can provide any of these services on your site or at our secure facility, and provide any documents that you will require to track the path of your data. If you choose to undertake these tasks within your own IT departments, Webuyusedtape can provide you with equipment, for sale or lease. Equipment such as tape drives, degaussers, data encoders, and destruction equipment.

Sarbanes Oxley also requires companies to keep their data on record for years. Webuyusedtape offers many types of tape and tape drives that you can use to store your data cheaply and reliably. We offer all of the types of write once read many tapes which are required for certain financial records according to SOX.

Webuyusedtape and its parent company DTC Computer Supplies have been in business for 35 years we have helped companies meet and beat requirements over the years. Our professional and customer friendly staff and partners will help set your mind at ease when it comes to the strict regulation that are today required for sensitive data.

Whether you are upgrading your system or looking for smart solutions to your storage we want to provide you with the tools you need.

DTC computer supplies began purchasing used computer tape in 1970. Over the years we have had many satisfied customers and have never had an incident where customer security was breached. We have since expanded our services to provide your company large or small with the appropriate solutions to manage your data.

We Buy used Tape
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