We Buy Used Tape

We Buy Used Tape

webuyusedtape buys used data tape libraries. We also offer degaussing, data destruction media redeployment services, and more! We will buy your used computer backup tape libraries.

At We Buy Used Tape we have been purchasing excess magnetic media for over 35 years. Our parent company DTC Computer Supplies began buying 1/2 in. tape in 1970! Over the years we have expanded our services to include DLT, SDLT, LTO, 3480 ,3490 tapes, 8MM / 4MM tapes. Also 3590, 9840 and 3570 tape media.

We began purchasing used magnetic media in response to a need for more environmentally friendly electronics disposal. By offering you cash for your used data tapes we offer an incentive for recycling your media. Our parent company DTC Computer Supplies has been doing this with all types of computer equipment for years. By helping you turn your "garbage" into assets we offer a profitable solution for your excess tape media and data cartridges!

At We Buy Used Tape we place customer service at the very top of our list. This proven and simple business strategy has allowed our company to be what it is today. We pride ourselves in offering the best customer service in the business. At the same time, we offer the best money for your used data tapes. All of our customers are important to us, large and small we offer the same dedication and work to offer you the best money for your surplus media.

When you decide to contact We Buy Used Tape you will find that which ever sales team member you reach will provide helpful, informative and useful service. Our sales team has decades of experience in the storage media field. Until recently all of our sales have been from referral and word of mouth. Very little advertising dollars have been spent, yet we have been in business for almost 35 years.

Finally when selling data tapes, you want to feel that any data that was on them will be degaussed and rendered unreadable. With our 35 years plus experience in degaussing magnetic media we will offer data destruction certificates to ensure that your sensitive data is treated to render it unreadable.


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