Career Experts Share Power of Storytelling for Career Success

Career and storytelling experts join leading career site Quintessential Careers for the seventh annual Job Action Day to empower job-seekers to use storytelling for career success.

Kettle Falls, WA, October 28, 2014 --( What is the one element that successful job-seekers use to achieve job offers? It’s the same tool people have been using for centuries when sharing important information: storytelling.

“Why is story so powerful for job-seekers? Because people remember stories. That’s why job-seekers need a consistent narrative, backed by accomplishment stories,” said Dr. Randall Hansen, publisher and CEO of Quintessential Careers. “This year’s Job Action Day will empower job-seekers with the tools to develop and weave that narrative, thus producing a compelling message to prospective employers.”

Numerous career experts and storytelling gurus are joining together for the seventh annual Job Action Day, which takes place Monday, Nov. 3. The virtual event is hosted by Quintessential Careers, one of the most comprehensive career sites on the Web. In addition to new tools posted on the Website, many experts will also be blogging about the theme.

A problem for many job-seekers, according to Hansen, is that they either present an inconsistent message or bore the hiring manager with a litany of facts and figures. “When job-seekers tell stories about their accomplishments, however, employers remember the core of the story. Story makes job-seekers memorable in all aspects of the job-search – from networking situations to job interviews.”

Topics scheduled to be covered for Job Action Day 2014 include:
* Tips for Using Storytelling to Strengthen Your Job-Search
* Tell Your Career Story to Connect You; Cut Through the Clutter
* Creating Interview Stories
* What’s Your Career Brand Story?
* Five Keys to Developing Your Personal Brand Story
* Storytelling on a Resume: A Recruiter’s Perspective
* Creating Interview Stories
* Every Resume Tells a Story
* 3 Steps to Storytelling Success in Your Job Search
* Tell Your Story: For Job, Promotion, Business Success

Career experts signed on to provide storytelling advice for job-seekers include:
* Randall Hansen. CEO & Founder, Quintessential Careers. Kettle Falls, WA.
* Katharine Hansen. Associate Publisher & Creative Director, Quintessential Careers. Kettle Falls, WA
* Wendy Terwelp. President, Opportunity Knocks. Grafton, WI.
* Deborah Shane. Founder, Tampa, FL.
* Bill Burnett. Author, The Peak Interview. Milwaukee, WI.
* Maureen Crawford-Hentz. Director of Talent Management. Boston, MA.
* Rick Gillis. Principal, The Really Useful Job Company. Houston, TX.
* Walter Akana. Career and Life Strategist. Atlanta, GA
* Meg Guiseppi. CEO, New York, NY.
* Laura Labovich, CEO Career Strategy Group. Washington, DC.
* Debra Wheatman. President, CareersDoneWrite. New York, NY.
* Rachel Metscher. Social media strategist, Metscher’s Musings. Washington, DC.
* David Couper. CEO, David Cooper Consulting. Los Angeles, CA.

More experts are expected to join Job Action Day 2014. Get the latest information about Job Action Day 2014 here: Twitter users can also follow the action using the hashtag #JAD14.

In addition, the Kindle version of the workbook, Tell Me MORE About Yourself: A Workbook to Develop Better Job-Search Communication through Storytelling, by Katharine Hansen, will be available at no cost that day.

About Job Action Day: Established 7 years ago on the first Monday in November as a day for all job-seekers and workers to take stock of their situations and make plans and/or take action steps to improve their careers. While job-seekers are encouraged to take action on the day, the resources and links are permanently published on Quintessential Careers for future use.

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About Randall S. Hansen, Ph.D.: Randall Hansen is the founder and publisher of Quintessential Careers. He has been involved in the career industry for more than 20 years, and is the authors of numerous career-related articles, tutorials, and books.
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